Demona and Koz hugging, from Shared Memories

Name, First Names: Kozlowski, Vincent Patrick.

ID String: 20190330-VPK-2001-37F

Current Grade: Lieutenant 2nd class.

Accreditation: Infra Red (Time Travelers Departement) level 5.


Date of Birth: 30th of March, 2019 AD.

Place of Birth: Doc Train Hospital Inc., San Francisco

Familly background: Son of Piotr Tomasz Kozlowski and Amanda Nanami Mac Combs, and young brother of Jessica Wanda Kozlowski and Robert Maximilian Kozlowski (MIA), Vincent Patrick Kozlowky is the youngest member of the Kozlowski family. Both his paternal grandparents are deacesed. His grandfather Nicholai Kozlowski died during the First Eurowar (historical note: Khurds rebels and Greece Vs Turkey ), in febuary 2002 during the assault on Ankhara; his grandmother Natasha Kozlowski by NWS (medical note: Neural Weakening Syndrom) in March 2031. No uncle, aunt or cousin known. NOTE: Both his godfather and godmother are registrated in files of the Omega Section as parents of another officer. They are Vincent Alan Gregarino and Sora Gregarina, a gargoyle member of the Clan Ishimura.


Personnal History Report by Colonel Hubert Strokes:

Vince Kozlowski, or Koz as his friends call him, is a rebel at core. But He got a great potential in him. His tendency to disobedience to certains orders and to the protocol his both his weakness and his greatest strenght, by the fact that it make him unpredicable both by allies and foes. For what I know, he was born in a familly that kept close ties to the Gregarinos (enough for Piotr Kozlowski to give him the same first name of his best friend to his youngest offspring). As a child, the young Vince used to spend his hollydays with 'Vinnie' and Sora Gregorino, and their son Hiroshi, in Hishimura. As a teenager, Vince Kozlowski turned to be a bad boy, as well as Hiroshi Gregorino, always on the edge of the law and often beyond.

When the inavoidable occured and Vince and his sidekick Hiro got arrested for assault on another badboy kid, one of recruiter and trainers, the Majors Merrick Anderson offered them a chance: Joins the Omega Section Academy. I know Merrick perfectly, I trained him when I was a trainer myself, and I know what he can do with young people of the kind of Vince. Both Anderson and Kozlowski grew close along the 6 month of the training (and the mission in a low Division of the Section, the fugitive retreaval agent, nicknamed the Walking Razors (a bad joke refering to the classic Blade Runner)). This relation grew stronger after the loss of the Seargent Gregorino who fell under the misdeed of the criminal known as Blind Injustice. Why the President Destine chose him for the most important mission in the story of mankind, though, I still don't understand, but, so far the young man, now 19 years old, did more than well.

Now that we are in 1999, close to 2000, the futur is yet to be written, and I'm sure that the young man will have an important role to play, perhaps greater than one could imagine...




Fanfiction Facts:

Koz makes his first apparition in Pistoff's story Two Minutes To Midnight (aviable in the fanfic archives) with the mission to save Demona from an old ennemy. In the future he came from, she wasn't "saved" and that set up a chain of events that led to the destruction of the very Earth.

Once those events prevented, Demona and Koz grew closer and closer, facing new threats together, and the greatest challenge of the red haired gargoyle's life: her reform from her old bad ways (begin in The Winds Of Limbo). Together, with the help of the Omega Section technology, they brough the whole Wyvern Clan back to life (House Of Cards). They grew so closer that they finally became mates (Remember Tomorrow). Short after the '99 Thanksgiving, Demona and Koz leave Manhattan for Avalon to give the news of the rebirth of the parents of the gargoyles of the Avalon Clan (Long Road To Nowhere). But Avalon not sending where you want, but where you're need to be, it's also the first stop in their own Avalon Tour. The next one was in London (The Hatchet), where they met Macbeth, somewhere in the Indian Ocean where Demona save a young lady and her daughter (And Nothing Else Matters)...

Some places give them good surprises (Flaggstaff, in The Master of Puppets) and some others hurt them bad (the island in Meet The Creeper). But none of them left Demona and Vince unchanged.


In the Hands of the Fate:


In the near future, Koz will have to face ghosts of his (futur) past, and discover that not everything is clear about the Omega Section and her true motivations. Also a happy answer to the most important question of his life.


Coming Soon


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