Astrological Profile -- Elisa Maza

 by Agenis

Elisa's' Sign
CAPRICORN    -December 22 - January 20-
Element: Earth
Ruler: Saturn
Symbol: Goat-Fish  also called "Antelope of the Sea"
Mode: Sensation
Motto: I Master
Colors: Shades of Brown, Black, Grey, Royal & Navy Blue, Dark Green, Red.
Stone:  Onyx  (also maybe Jet, Amethyst, Red Garnet)
House: Night Houses
Attractions: Taurus, Scorpio, Leo.
Positive Personality:  Wary and suspicious of others.  Rational, Logical,
Restraint, Patient, Clear headed, Concentration, Generosity, Self-discaplined,
Independent, Practical, Ambitious, Delights in all forms of debate.  Works
hard and long (high stamina), well-grounded, determinded to succeed.  Loyal to
associates, faithful to friends.  Family people.  Pron to jobs dealing with
Authority, Organized, Musical skills. Skillful with people.  Athletic,
aggressive to win.  Keen an sports: Jogging, running, skating, hunting,
wresling, martial arts, gymnastics.  Matures at a young age, but defys the
aging process and retains a remarkable youthful appearance from middle ages
well into old age.  Home-lovers.
Negative Personality: Perfectionist, Serious, Unforgiving, Stubborn,
Domineering, Aggressive, Denying, Reserved, Rigid, at times pron to being
egotistic and jealous.
Other:  False Pride, makes it hard to admit when wrong, and to ask people for
help.  Fears rejection, likes a sure thing. Self-Containment - holds
insecuritis and fears in side.  Doesn't like to show weekness. Holds grudges
and will take revenge.  Grumbels.  Combates with the Saturns sign (Structure &
Resonsibility)  with Mars (Action & Desire) On the out side Reserved does not
give favours lightly, Calulating.  Very Passionit under the surface.  Not
afraid to experiment.  Partners can be overwhelmed with the intensity of
passion coming from such a cool exterior.  Pessimistic.  Somewhat risk-
aversive.  Has an appetite for life and all it's pleasures.  Strong sense of