A Letter from the Editor:

Greetings all...

Well, here's a spot I never expected would come this soon, but since the people have voted (and I hope there's no recounts! I live in Florida, afterall), then I respectfully accept this posting as the new Editor-in-Chief of Avalon Mists. So let me first thank everyone that voted, and for giving me the chance to help contribute to this publication.

Being a past contributor to this 'zine, I've watched it grow under Christine's guidance over the past few years. The quality of the stories and art have been phenominal, and Christine has been going far above the call to keep the 'zine flowing and fresh each issue. It's been wild to see it grow from just a small thing to one of the main attractions in this fandom, most in part to Christine's guidance and to the fans contributing their best.

So, where do we stand now that I'm in charge? Well, to quote another of the fandom greats "Here's how the cow
eats this cabbage".

First off, I'm not going to change a lot of the groundwork that was started by Leva and Christine. Avalon Mists is still going to be the 'fan-friendly' publication it has always been. Things won't venture too far off center from what you've seen before; the quality and the fun of this magazine will not shift away from what matters. That's providing you, the fans, with a chance to show us your stuff in writing, artwork and other pursuits.

We'll still have the Artist's/Wrtier's challenge (though it may change in title if not in content), and several of the former departments like Fanfic Debut, Character Spotlight, and such will still be here. I still plan to have a theme for each issue, and that will vary from quarter to quarter, much the same way it did under Christine's wings...

However, what is planned for changing is the future 'look' of AvMists. I'm already considering a new format; more stylish, professional looking yet easy to navigate and view. Tinkering with designs like I do, I'm hoping to come up with a new look that will please the fans and attract new readers as well. Another thing in the works is a downloadable, printable version of AvMists. Something that you can whip out and take with you when you're going to be gone from your computer for a while.

I'll also still keep things in the "G" to "PG-13" rating for the time being as far as content goes. I've heard a few people express concern that AvMists might turn into a more "R" rated 'zine, but let me state that's not something planned for the immedate future. If - and I emphasize this! - and if I decide to allow for more 'spicy' content, it will be handled appropriately; with ample warning in advance for those who don't wish to view such materials, and other safeguards, etc., etc.

So, rest assured, your young ones will still be able to read this 'zine without fear of anything inappropriate.

Ultimately, I hope to keep the 'openness' of AvMists intact. 'Fan-Friendly' is something I feel strongly about, and it's something I want to instill in every page of each new issue of the 'zine. Fans exemplify a lot in ways of talent, through various media, and the best way to share that is through an open forum, like AvMists.

So keep on sending in your stories, art, pictures of costumes, action figures, cartoons silly and not-so silly! The doors are still open and the lights still lit. Avalon Mists is still on the Net!

Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen R. Sobotka Jr. - Editor-In-Chief