Character Spotlight -- Jezabel and Koori

by Chi

Name: Jezabel Gargette Maza
Nickname: Jezzy, Jezzybell, Half-breed
Age: At the end of "Avalon's Heirs" she's 19
Height: 6' 1''
Weight: 205 lb. (mostly due to muscle, wings, and tail)
Eyes: BlackHair: Black
Skin: Dark lavender

Interesting attributes:
Due to her hybrid nature, and a gift from Alexander, Jezzy 
and her rookery siblings can avoid stone sleep if they so 
choose. Jezzy is a very interesting mix of both human and 
Gargoyle. While she has four-clawed, raised, feet her hands 
have five digets. These digets are a mixture of claws and 
fingers, allowing her both the ability to write and use them 
to climb walls. Her face betrays no Gargoyle-like features 
save for a slight raise in her brow ridge. She has no elbow 
or knee spurs. Her wing span, a generous 12 and a half feet 
from tip to tip, rivals even Goliath's own.

Mother: Elisa Maza
Father: Goliath
Husband: Alexander Fox Xanatos
Siblings: Angela, Davida, Bathsheeba, Jonothan
Rookery siblings: Alexander Xanatos, Angelique Desdemona,
Lenna Dominique Macbeth, Daydream Fairy Burnette-
Xanatos, Robin Xanatos-Burnette, Betsy Wild Wings, Tiger
Eyes, Peter Cat's Eye Maza, Coyote Moon Maza.

Basic History:
Jezzy was born one Mid Summer Night along with her eight
rookery siblings. Because Alex shares their birthday and is 
only two years older he was considered a rookery brother. 
Due to the Fey nature of three of the children Oberon tried 
to claim all ten belonged on Avalon. After a brief skirmish, 
in which all children showed some level of magical potential,
it was agreed the rookery would be raised on Earth until the
time of Trinity.

A gift was presented at their hatching. Alex and Puck made 
it possible for all ten children to use, or avoid, stone sleep, 
even Alex himself. This gift was eventually extended to all
Gargoyles residing in New York.

Most of Jezzy's childhood was spent under the watchful gaze 
of her rookery keepers. She was an awkward, and frankly 
ugly, hatchling. Eventually she grew into a beautiful young
woman, made even more so by her vainly kept up wing 

She was home schooled until the age of thirteen when she
insisted upon enrolling in the same private high school as 
Alex. Quarrymen hounded her and called her proof that 
Gargoyles should be destroyed. This sent her into a spiral 
of self destructive behavior. Her bethrothal to Alex ended 
this cycle when she was fifteen.

A lack of self esteem stems from an awkward childhood 
and trauma during her teenage years. Her inherint instability
carries through into her adult life. Jezzy is good at masking 
her emotions and manages to convince everyone, even her 
life mate, that she is a strong willed leader. A series of 
spiralling ups and downs brought on by the birth of her first
child was nearly her undoing.

Because she can't protect herself from the pain Jezzy has a
stronger need to protect than most Gargoyles. She is both a
rookery mother and a warrior. Even when put in a situation 
of supreme command she yeilds to the feelings of those 
under her.

On an up note she is a bright and loving child. Her world
revolves around making her family safe and proud. She is 
a master of most arts. Her favorites include culinary, 
magical, defensive, and entertaining styles.

She first appears in A Mid Summer Night's Miracle in which
the birth of her rookery causes a stir New York hasn't seen
since the Gathering. Because she and her rookery sibs were
all conceived on Avalon they show a penchant for magic, 
even at birth. Her childhood is a background sub story in 
most of the stories afterwards.

In The Hammer and the Headstrong Jezzy finally is given a
co-star role when Quarrymen invade the castle and several 
of her rookery sisters are captured. While the adults sleep 
Jezzy and Alex put aside their sibling squabbles and track 
down their missing rookery.

The Mystic Isle is the final knot in Alex and Jezzy's relationship. Under the watchful gaze of the Seelie court 
five nuptuals take place. For once her depression takes a 
backseat to her happiness as she celebrates her mating 
flight with her siblings.

Breeding season has come and gone in Avalon's Heirs. 
The birth of one of the children releases a force that feeds 
off hate and despair. It wants nothing more than to have the
heirs of Avalon killed. Her own inner demons are released
and she must learn to let them go or risk losing her child 
and her mate. All will be called to battle, it is undecided 
who will survive it.

What the future holds:
Jezzy future is uncertain at best. If she survives the battle 
in Avalon's Heirs she will be granted immortality because 
she is the mate of Avalon's future king. Nothing else is 
known at this time.

My thoughts on Jezzy:
Jezzy is one of my favorite characters. She ranks up with 
Koori and Coyote Moon but for a different reason than the
other two. Most of Jezzy's rookery is brave, strong and 
confident. They have been assured of their beauty, power, 
and status in society since their births. Jezzy was awkward 
and ugly as a hatchling so she carries it into her adult life.

Part of her appeal is the fact she isn't perfect. She's the 
strongest of her rookery but thinks herself weak. She's 
beautiful; but humble. Her magic threatens to rival even 
Alexander's but she's afraid she'll mess up. Her insecurities 
and instabilty make her an interesting character to write 

Do I have anything in common with her? I think we all do. 
Jezzy represents everything everyone wants to be; strong, 
fast, smart, beautiful, talented; while still being we are; 
unsure, frightened, humble, doubting. No matter how 
powerful she becomes she won't abuse the privileges 
because she's still a scared little hatchling on the inside.

Signature quote: "Give me a break! I'm only human!"
Angelique: "No you're not."
Jezzy: Then I'm only a Gargoyle."
Coyote Moon: "No you're not."
Jezzy: "Oh, I give up!"

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Name: Koori/Alicia Burnette
Age Fey: age is undetermined. 
Age Human: 25
Eyes Fey: Violet to red depending upon her mood
Eyes Human: Black
Skin tone Fey: Deep blue
Skin tone Human: Lighter than Owen
Hair Fey: Seaweed green
Hair Human: Deep brunette
Height Fey/Human: 5' 8"
Weight: 135 lb.

Interesting Attributes as a Fey: 
Her skin is actually a series of tightly interwoven blue scales. Instead of feeling like scales they feel like soft human skin. As 
a gift from her father she can morph her legs into a mermaid
like tail fluke. Like her mother in her Fey form she is a class 
1 carnivore. A fuzzy blue tail, wolf like in nature, was 
inherited from her mother.

Interesting Attributes as Human: 
Unlike Owen she wears casual dresses to work. Her hair is 
often pulled into a bun. Her ears have slight points to them,
much like Alexander's. When she's feeling playful she allows 
part of her disguise to slip and adds the fuzzy tail, it makes 
for an interesting game of footsy in boardroom meetings.

Father: Poseiden
Mother: Wolf Mother
Husband: Puck/Owen Burnette
Signifigant others: Fox and David Xanatos
Siblings: Coyote, Raven, Fox (the trickster), Cerberus
Children: Daydream (David's daughter), Willow, Wisp

Basic history: 
Koori was the last child born to Wolf Mother before the 
elder Fey vowed celibacy. The vow didn't last long and 
shortly after it was broken her brother, Cerberus, was born. 
Koori was one of the few unlucky individuals to be born a 
trickster. Because of her posistion in societies eyes she spent most of her childhood playing with the other tricksters.

When she came of age she was called to be a lady in 
Titania's court. Due to her friendly and pleasent nature she 
was appointed head handmadien. This led to romance with 
her fellow trickster, and Oberon's top man servant, Puck.

Skip ahead a thousand years to find Koori helping her 
brother win back the heart of Dream Weaver/Beth Maza. 
She appears again at the prewedding banquet and makes 
frequent appearences afterwards. Due to a..umm..."mix 
up" at the wedding Koori ends up going to bed with David 
instead of Puck. The result of that accident is Daydream 
Fairy Burnette-Xanatos.

Trouble, be she fey or human. While cool, collected, and 
sweet she does hold a wicked temper. She is often blinded 
by love for her children and mates. She could also be 
labeled as a seductress, depending on who you're talking to.

While working she has an air of proffesionalism, but just 
an air. She spends most of her office hours writing love 
notes and planning family trips. Or playing footsy with her 
three favorite tagets.

While most humans would find the unique love life the 
Xanatos' and Burnettes have made for themselves immoral 
Koori relishes it. On Avalon such acts of love and 
commitment were common so neither Koori, Puck, or Fox
raise objection to it. David is equally thrilled but still lets 
human morals hold him back on occasion.

The Stories: 
Koori's first appearence was in "Under A Coyote Moon". 
She crashes a Delta house party with her brothers, Coyote 
and Raven. Once they return, with Coyote and Raven's 
wives in tow, a bring your own mortal party is held on 
Avalon. Due to an accident at the party on Avalon she is 
appointed her husband's assistant on Earth. Puck and 
Koori are both given free reign by Titania to use their 
powers as they please.

Thrice Loved deals with the unique love life Puck has 
thrust his bride into. 

A Mid Summer Night's Miracle finds the birth of Daydream
Fairy Burnette-Xanatos. Koori's mothering instincts are put 
to the test as she defends her daughter against Oberon's wrath.

The Mystic Isle is another test on Koori. Like all mothers she
must learn to love and let go as her first born leaves the nest.
It is also another joining of the Burnette and Xanatos families 
as Daydream gives her heart to Robin Xanatos-Burnette.

Her granddaughter is one of the rookery born in Avalon's 
Heirs.  Like most people on the side of the trinity child Koori 
will probably be joining the battle against a creature known 
solely as The Beast.

What the future holds:
Koori is known as the trickster mother. Her future will focus
mainly around the raising of the next generation of tricksters 
and pixies. She may be called upon to help defeat the threat
the Trinity child will face. It is uncertain who will live and 
who will die in that battle.

My thoughts on Koori:
Koori is one of my favored characters. She ranks up there 
with Jezzy, Coyote Moon, and the Trinity child. Is she my
Mary Sue? Hardly. Koori has a better check on her temper 
and at the same time is more malicious than I am. Besides,
Koori is constantly blundering, I'm perfect *winks at the 
audience and bursts out laughing*. 

Signature quote: "Only in my family *sighs*"

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