A Letter from the Editor:


    This issue really snuck up on me. All of a sudden, here it was March already and I had barely remembered
to do much of my usual begging for submissions. For that, I blame many distractions, not the least of which being
my novels. As I write this, Archmage of the Universe has been proofed and will be heading for the printers soon,
while the first in the upcoming ElfLore trilogy is about to be sent to a publisher whose acquaintance I made at RadCon
and who was very encouraging. In rushing to get these projects done, I have had no time for fanfic and little time for
anything else.
    Thus it is that I wasn't even able to get my own story written for the Challenge this time, which was to look at
some of Guardian Tom's other adventures. But as it happens, I wasn't the only one. I heard nibbles of interest from
many folks, but for various reasons the actual submissions sent in on time were so few as to warrant my decision to
extend the Challenge for another issue.
    It doesn't seem that long ago that I was whining about the lack of art in Avalon Mists. This time it is quite the
opposite; deluged with great pics, there weren't many stories! One of these times, we'll find a happy medium! But a
warm and enthusiastic round of applause to all the artists who sent in such wonderful examples of their work! I am
wroth with envy! ; )
    In other news, it has recently come to my attention that Leva and Christi are bringing back the Gargoyles Online
Reunion! Look for more details as the month progresses; I do believe it's scheduled for the last week in March.
    Not much to say this time as I have been scrambling to get this issue done and posted, and it's late and I have a
roleplaying game to run tomorrow. So that's all for now, and remember to send in those submissions for the Summer
2001 Avalon Mists (deadline Wednesday, May 30th)!

Christine Morgan
March 2, 2001