Uragray Rescue

by James Birdsong

    Once upon a time, for that is how stories should start in my opnion. Well anyhow once upon a time. Not twice or thrice just once. Yep once upon a
time on this world of all worlds not too long ago, last week in fact, there lived a terrible terrible orgnization known as ASOR.
    Henry Duval, leader of the Illuminati, learned of this and he wasn't happy. Duval: "I'm not happy". I just said that. Him: "oops sorry". It's okay. So
ah he wasn't happy so he called up Xanatos and had him send the Manhatten clan to stop them.
    Goliath: "why should we?" Xanatos: "Because the narrator said so" Goliath: "Oh okay" and therefore they went.
    However just to be on safe side Duval also called Henry Jones jr who was the man who refound the Holy Grail for him. Indiana Jones: "I did?"
"Of course you did, don't you remember your Last Crusade movie?" Indiana Jones: "oooh."
    Now like I meant to say, Mr. Jones then contacted fellow teacher at Columbia University; Lennex MacDuff and therefore then did Macbeth join
the Manhatten clan in their journey to rescue the slaves in Uragray. ASOR would be stopped and all would be well.
    Slave Traders: "cept for us" yes cept for you guys. Macbeth and the gargoyles went to Uragray and kicked major booty. All the slaves were free,
ASOR disbanded. One slave in particular was relived. Her name was Saki Nightstalker known as slave name Iora and she wasn't even supposed to
be there yet a fluke in buearocratic paperwork had put her at the mine for what was to be seven years of horrible conditions.
    Thankfully Macbeth was able to scoop her into his arms and with gusto swiftly plant her in a paid airline trip to Mackinor Island to live happily ever
after. You may think that a sappy ending but Goliath, Brooklyn, Bronx, Angela, and Broadway were there to help the other slaves who though were
gargoyles, the humans and vampires there knew hey a rescue is a rescue.
    All the slaves cept those who were slaves by choice not force went free ^_^ which I guess is good. Saki changed her name to Catriona and someday
her prince charming Hamish came and joined her on the island. Her brother who I know name of but I shall for sake of this story call Alexander was also
on island. No ex-husband Tim in sight.
    I talked about Saki alot in this tale for it is for her that this story was dedicated though no one but may will know what of this
is true and what is not. Meanwhile the Manhatten Clan was turned to stone in day and Xanatos via jet had to transport them home. Macbeth got home
by rented plane.


The End