Character Spotlight -- Jason Evermore

by Warpmind de InzanE
art by Christi Smith-Hayden


Name: Jason Evermore
Date of birth: Sometime during spring, 1169
Place of birth: Small monastery in Kent, Britain.
Height: 6'1"
Special characteristics: Immortal. Trained in basic hand-to-hand techniques and of rare skill with sword. Can be recognized by his armor; chainmail and a ragged tunic, a red ankh over a pair of crossed golden swords.
Parents: A royal knight and his wife; the knight was killed in a hunting accident in the autumn, and his wife gave birth to Jason six months later. Mother died in labor.
Area of expertise: Stealth, the Bible and organisation.
Curent occupation: Wanderer, Travelling Paladin, Servant of God. After his Quest was completed, he has sought to aid people wherever he has gone.

Background: Went to the Third Crusade with king Richard Lionheart. Killed on the battlefield, resurrected by what
was then assumed to be the grace of God, sent on a centuries-spanning Quest to retrieve eight Demonic jewels
for their alledged destruction. During the course of his Quest, Evermore wound up in a temporal distortion
bringing him to the sixth century, to the time when Arthur Pendragon was brought to Avalon. With the assistance
of a knight, Evermore founded the Illuminati Society, a society founded to guard the Holy Grail, after it was
offered up as a gift from the Fisher King. Evermore returned later to his own time. Upon completing the
Quest, the force that had resurrected Evermore proved to be Lucifer, youngest brother of the Fey Triumvirate
and Lord of the Netherworld. Lucifer took back the energy used to sustain Evermore throughout the centuries,
and though he had won supreme rule over his older brothers through deceit. However, the father of Oberon,
Lucifer and Gabriel (the Archangel), namely God himself (other names are known; God is just the most common)
arrived to resurrect Evermore for the second time, that he might put an end to Lucifer's scheme. Evermore
defeated Lucifer, destroyed the Demonic jewels, and wreaked havoc upon the Netherworld and released the
captive souls there. Has been observed several places since, including brief visits at the Illuminati Headquarters.

Lancelot du Lac
Illuminati Grandmaster