A Letter from the Editor:


    The year 2000 already!
    When I was a kid, I used to add up how old I'd be, and gasp in horror ... I'd turn 33? My life would
be practically over!
    Now here I am, that birthday in this momentous year coming up (March 30th, and I like books, pics,
and candy with lots of nuts and caramel in case anyone's wondering <g>). And is my life practically over?
On the contrary, I feel that it's only beginning!
    I won't get into the whole milennium thing ... sometimes I feel that I'm the only person who doesn't
really care one way or t'other. Though I am married to a snarling history-guy who wants to have a "Real
Milennium" party this coming New Year's ...
    But it is a new year, and a turning point. My goals for 2000 were to see Dark of the Elvenwood made a
reality, kill off Jericho, launch Sabledrake Magazine, and make some headway on getting Black Roses
published. Well, DotE is coming out in time for G2K, Jericho's already met a fate worse than death in my
climactic and series-ending "Damien" stories, Sabledrake is up and running, and I'm plugging along still
trying to find an agent for Black Roses. Not bad for being only March!
    Here's a new goal -- increase submissions to Avalon Mists!
    You'll see why as you peruse the Table of Contents. We have hardly any stories this time. No Party on
Avalon, no Fanfic Debuts ... what's going on here? But six months ago I was probably whining that I didn't
get sent enough artwork.
    What do we have? Some terrific Character Spotlights, a lot of good art including our Featured Artist
Noel Leas, and once again Michael Heitz has shared the fruits of his creativity with us -- a slew of
wonderful cartoons and more pics of his homemade action figures.
    I also would like to take this opportunity to give a big thank-you and round of huzzahs to Leva Mevis and
Christi Smith-Hayden, whose recent efforts at bringing us the Gargoyles Internet Reunion were above and
beyond! Well-done, ladies! Any chance of making it an annual affair?
    Becca insists that I mention her website here ... drop by and visit at Becca's Lexington Page!

Christine Morgan
February 24, 2000