Writer's Challenge

Let's Get Personal!

    Hello, readers! Are you ready for a Challenge?
    Your assignment is this -- snoop and report. Choose a character, and tell Avalon Mists something personal and.or secret about that character.
    Copy a page from a diary, perhaps. Go through someone's wallet. purse, medicine cabinet. Dig out their high school yearbook and show us what the character's classmates might have had to say. What sort of message might certain characters have on their answering machines? What sort of videos or CDs or computer games? If you ran into someone at the grocery store, what might you spy in their cart?
    Get the picture? Do as many as you'd like, have as much fun as you can, and send the results to Christine. Deadline for submissions is August 23, 1998, and they will appear in the Fall issue of Avalon Mists.
    The five most creative Challenge-ees (as determined by the editors) will be awarded an unopened pack of Gargoyles trading cards, provided that those winners are so inclined as to trust the editors with a mailing address.