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Odysseus of the Greek Clan
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Chendzee'a, close-up
Chendzee'a, sketch
Female Elder
    As in the myths, Odysseus was the beginning of the end for
the city of Troy.  He was indeed the one who thought up the
idea for the Trojan horse, and the one who went through so
many perils, striving to return home.  Unlike Homer's version,
Odysseus was not married (he didn't have any affairs with
Circe or Calypso) and he never did return least not
his home.  After arriving on Calypso's island (an island much
like Avalon), he was kept almost as a prisoner by her for
nearly 4000 years.  Calypso, a fey, returned his youth every
time he grew old, knowing that his clan had been transported
by the Phoenix Gate to Washington D.C. twenty years before.
    When 1996 A.D. rolled around, she returned to him his youth
once more and sent him off to meet his destiny.  Odysseus soon
met up with the rest of the Greek gargoyles and ended up falling
in love with Nausika (formerly known as Nausicaa).  Today he
is the slightly above-average defender of the night, residing as
the 'third-in-command' of the Greek clan.