The Quarryhammer:
Difficulty: 5 (6 when it's charged)
Dammage: 4 (Stunning) - (6 aggraved when it's charged)
Range: Melee.


For the World of Darkness


World Of Darkness and all the games related belongs to white Wolf Game Studio. Gargoyles The Vigil is a game created by Lee Garvin, Gargoyles Belongs to Buena Vista Television/Walt Disney Company. no copyright infrightment intented

Character creation

Attributes 7/5/3
Abilities 13/9/5
Avantages depends if your character is a mortal, an Edge Wizard or a Mage. Report to respective rulebooks
Freebies points 15 points to spend in the Attributes (5 FB points for 1 point gained), abilities (2 FB points for 1 point gained) and advantage (see the rules mentionned earlier).
IMPORTANT: All Quarrymen players must have the Flaw "Bigotry"


 The Technocracy:

The Camarillia: "The Quarrymen are a treat for the Familly and have to be destroyed. but they care about getting rid of the gargoyles. We thus need to control them. On this purpose, several ghouls has been recruited in this organization.At the end, this would be a good weapon against the Sabbat, and totally safe for the Masquerade since they're destined to be killed."

 The Sabbat: "Dangerous tools, but tools still. The Quarrymen are a good way to get rid both of the Camarillia and the gargoyles. Off course, they will be killed at the end, save for some potential recruits for the Blood Guard and the Black Hand's canon fodder. The Quarrymen are a good fuse that would have saved New York Archbishop Justine Bern from the Red Death if they had existed in 1994. so use them as human use animals: valuable, yet sacrifiable."

 The Inconnu: "Minor pawns in the Jyhad. Nothing more."

 The Clan Giovanni: here follows a letter from Pietro Giovanni to his granddaughter Madeleine Giovanni, aka the Dagger of the Giovanni:

Dear Madeleine,

    Since you are in New York, would you contact John Castaway for me, please? We have to choose our associates very carefully, and those Quarrymen don't inspire my confidence. If he is too dangerous for us, get rid of him.

Your Grandfather and Sire,