Character Spotlight I

David and Jessica De Guy

created by Stephen Sobotka

David DeGuy [AKA: Davie] 
Affiliation: The Manhattan Clan of Wyvern 
Sex: Male 
Age: (by the end of "The DeGuy Saga") 18 
Height: 6'2" (still growing)  Weight: 200 lbs. 
Hair: Dark Brown  Eyes: Green 
Likes: Hand-To-Hand Sparring, Reading, History 

Jessica DeGuy [AKA: Jessie] 
Affiliation: The Manhattan Clan of Wyvern 
Sex: Female 
Age: (by the end of "The DeGuy Saga") 18 
Height: 5'7" (still growing)  Weight: 110 lbs. 
Hair: Black  Eyes: Violet 
Likes: Reading, Learning, Music, History, Cooking


Physical Brief:

    The Twins are true Hybrids - Half Gargoyle/Half Human - although they resemble for the most part normal-looking
Human children, with the exception that they are more physically built, and have greater stamina, reflexes, and a sense of balance that is more inherent with Gargoyles than Humans. Both have dusky-tan skin (a mark of their mother's family line), and do show some minute Gargoyle physical markings; slightly pointed ears, a faint brow ridge, etc.

Psychological Profile:

    David is the elder of the two siblings by a few minutes, and most resembles his father in manerisms and attitude - cool and
reserved, but with a sense humor that is more apt to show itself from time to time - while Jessica has her mother's fiery spirit,
and a playful, spritely demeanor that endears her to most people. Both Twins are usually level headed in a crisis, but endanger their friends and family and they will show thier Father/Mother's combined temper.

History :

    The Twins came to be through a series of events that can best be explained thusly: Goliath was given a "gift" by Puck (see "The Gift"), which allowed him to become Human for a few nights so he could be with Elisa to consumate their love for one another. The result was that Elisa got pregnant, so Puck revisied his "gift" so that Goliath could marry her but still be able to become a Gargoyle if needed. After they married, Goliath let Brooklyn become the Clan's new leader, and went to work as a security chief for Xanatos (who provided him with a Human "history").

    When time came for the Twins to be born, [See the epic story "In Avalon's Nursery"] it was discovered that a chemical/genetic imbalance was threatening their impending birth, and the life of Elisa as well. Goliath and a few of the Clan took her and left for Avalon to seek help of a magic nature to aid them, which lead to the discovery of another Gargoyle/Human Hybrid, Elektra [Originally fron the stories of Christine Morgan], who knew that a strong Magic-User could be Elisa's only hope.While she, Goliath, Matt Bluestone, and Tom the Guardian went to The Mound of The Sleeping King to revive the Magus for his help, back at the castle a Stranger invaded along with the last of the Hunters, Jon Canmore, under the ruse of destroying the Avalon Gargoyles. The Stranger injected Elisa's womb with a stablizing agent that cured the imbalance, and allowed the Twins to be born. Jon nearly killed the Twins later, but was betrayed by the Stranger (who later
vanished into Time with the once-thought lost Phoenix Gate), and they were rescued by Bluestone, who shot Canmore's gun arm before he could fire on either the Twins or on Elektra.

    Returning home to Manhattan, Goliath and Elisa settled into a new, larger apartment to raise the Twins as normally as they could, while still maintaining relations with the Mahanttan Clan. They did manage to live quite peacefully for many years, until a renagade, anti-Gargoyle faction called the Quarrymen targeted the family, believing that the DeGuys had access to the Gargoyles, and that they could exploit them to destroy them once and for all. The plan was to use covert and overt agents to use the Twins to get Goliath and Elisa to comply with their plans to gain access to the Aerie. At the time, [See the story "Discoveries"] the Twins were 7 years old, and during a brief struggle with the Quarrymen, they learned that their father was a Gargoyle, and before the night was over, they were told and shown the entire truth of their heritage; the Clan, the Castle, everything.

    Fearing further attacks from the Quarrymen, Goliath reluctantly moved his family to the Castle-proper, where the Twins would live from then on. Thanks to aid from Xanatos, they were given full grants to the exclusive Sterling Academy (a private school), and soon settled in to their new life among the Clan and the Xanatos'. David became a good friend of Alexander Xanatos, as the two would often spar with one another in contests of physical combat, while Jessica became the sole companion of Domonique MacDuff, the daughter of Demona and Macbeth. With the small adventure thrown in from time to time, such as when the Twin were first given wing-packs to allow them to finally fly alongside their Clanmates (see "First Flight"), and the time when Jessica was rescued by a recently reformed Tony Dracon from some Quarrymen (see
"Jessica's New Friend") life went on as normal as it could for the Twins and their extended family, but, that too was not to last.

     On the 13th birthday of the Twins, the Stranger - now known as the future-guardian of the Phoenix Gate named Kenta - returned to tell the Clan that the Twins were needed to stop an old evil from destroying the future. Along with several members of their extended family - including Bluestone, his mate Elektra and their ward Deliah, Lexington and his mystic girlfriend Aiden Ferguson, and Detective Roxanna Hershey and others - the Twins first traveled back to Avalon to learn ways to fight the coming evil. David became a skilled fighter and soon revealed he had his father's inate leadership qualities, while Jessica became the personal student of Oberon himself, who discovered that she had latent, powerful healing abilities and the skills to wield magic.

    After six years on Avalon, the villans that would threaten the future arose - in the form of Wolf, Coyote, Jackal & Hyena, who were joined by a Quarryman sympathiser from the future named Branagan and his android Stonecutter, as well as Jon Canmore  (who had been justly imprisoned in stone on Avalon), and a Gargoyle named Jericho - who were all under the command of the disembodied spirit of Cornelius; the once and former Archmage that had nearly destroyed the Clan on

    Cornelius' plan was to take his forces back to the past, and destroy Goliath in his cursed stone sleep, thus changing the flow
of Time forever, and thus exacting his revenge on the former Leader of the Wyvern Clan. He first took possesion of Jericho, whom he used to release Canmore, and together, they used some of the Stranger's power of Time Travel to go to the Present first - to gather Wolf, Jackal and Hyena - then onto the Future to rob the Stranger - a man named Kenta - of the Phoenix Gate before he left to gather the Twins to stop them. Enlisting the aid of Branagan, who asked to be
sent back in Time to aid the then fledgling Quarrymen movement, they headed back to 993 Scotland to complete their task.

    They would have succeeded, had not the Twins and their allies arrived just moments after they had. David tried to get Jericho (who he thought was the real mastermind) to see reason, but Cornelius fully took over Jericho, and summoned a horde of Quarrymen from the future to smash the Hybrid and his friends. During the battle, Kenta summoned his teacher, the all-mighty mage Merlin, who in turn summoned more allies - Jason Canmore, Mike McCoy (a vigilante that hates Quarrymen, once thought dead), Kai from Ishimura, and Tony Dracon - who helped them turn the tide against their foes.

    However, Jericho attacked the statue of Goliath, and found himself engaged in battle with David. The Archmage's power proved too much for David to counter, but the intervention of a spirit from the castle's past - working through Jessica - purged the Archmage from Jericho, and David easily defeated him. The Archmage attempted to destroy them all by tapping the power of the Phoenix Gate, but the Gate simply absorbed Cornelius, and his spirit was lost to oblivion.

    The quest to stop the Archmage was far from over. In the Present, the Quarrymen were launching a major-scale attack on Castle Wyvern in an attempt to rid themselves of the Gargoyles once and for all. Sensing the need to return, David and his allies returned (minus the ones Merlin had summoned, except for Mike McCoy, who had been
grieviously wounded), just in time to turn the tide once more. In a last ditch effort, John Castaway, the Quarrmen's leader, attempted to self-destruct his massive air-fortress over the Castle. David, who had learned that Puck's "gift" to Goliath was now genetically imbeded in both him and Jessica, had transformed into a full Gargoyle and flew Alexander Xanatos over the doomed fortress to allow the young magus to project a containment ward around it, directing the blast out into
space. Everyone thought that both young men were lost in the blast, but they only managed to survive, thanks to Merlin who had warded them himself with his power.

   David and Alex returned to the castle, where they were welcomed as heroes. It was then that they revealed that Jericho is actually Demona and Goliath's other child, and brother to Angela. Jericho tried to apologize for his actions against Goliath and the Clan, but he was forgiven by the entire Clan, since he could not help himself while under the spell of the Archmage. David and the others also learned that Jessica had used her new powers of healing to restore Hudson's eyesight, and had helped to deliver Angela and Broadway's two newborn hatchlings.

    Before long, all of Manhattan learned of the sacrifice and bravery of the Twins and their family, and because of that, the people of the city were one step closer to full accepting the Clan. David was made Brooklyn's Second-In-Command, and for his benefit, he maintained the use of his "gift" so he could become a Gargoyle when needed. Jessica knows of her "gift" but has yet to use it.

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What's planned for the future:

A new series of stories, depicting the Twins as they grow into their adulthood "Gargoyles:The Future" will have them facing new additions to the Clan:

- In "Homecomings" a 3-part story, a new character named Steven Edwards will join the fold, after taking on a journey of
self-worth and discovery from his home state of Missouri back to Avalon itself.

- In "All On A Summer's Night", David will be dealing with his own courtship rites when he returns to Avalon to bring Princess Katherine's daughter, Rhianna into the modern world to court her.

- "Revelations" will reveal how Jessica will finally deal with Brooks and Santos (the Quarrymen Kidnappers from "Discoveries" and "Jessica's New Friend"), as well as how her relationship with the Clan's former enemy, Tony Dracon was formed.
The DeGuy Family (by Christi Smith Hadyen) 
Class of Wyvern High (by Christi Smith Hayden)* 
Jessica with David in Gargoyle-form (by Santana) 
David & Jessica as Babies w/Bronx looking over them (by Satana)* 

* - Yet to be drawn