Renegade Fey

By: Gargress

Date started: Friday, August 28,1998
Date finished: Wednesday, April 14, 1999
Disclaimer: Gargoyles belongs to Disney and/or Buena Vista Television. In no way was I trying to do anything with these wonderful characters for my own personal gain. I love writing, and I love Gargoyles. (So don’t sick your rabid lawyers on me, please!! ;-)
Of course everyone recognizes which characters are property of The Great Disney Imagineers, but Pyper A.K.A. Maya A.K.A Anea L. Yolen, Micheal Reyman A.K.A. Ray E. Manning, Nicholas O’Connor A.K.A Niko, and Demona’s lackies along with Kate belong to me. All other new characters hale from my lil’ ol’ noggin’ ;-) while I borrowed Owen’s secretary, Ms. Chambers, from Tara O’Shea (please forgive me :-)
I write stories for fun and the enjoyment of others. This is my first story posted on the ‘net. Sooooo, all reading beyond this point be prepared for mini typo demons who love to reek havoc here and there ;-P
Dedication: I’d like to especially thank Kelly, my local fellow garg fan for being my beta-reader :-) Lotsa love to ya! ;-) I’d like ta tip my hat to Steph who helped me with building my ‘site with HTML, and let’s face it, without her I wouldn’t be able to post this. All others out in the Gargoyles Fanfic Universe, I’ve probably read most of if not all your fanfics. You’ve all been great inspirations, and I’d just like to say all you authors are AWESOME!! Most of all, I’d like to praise and pay homage to the Great Mouse for without him there would be no Gargoyles ;-)
Also, I’d like to extend a taloned hand of welcome to anyone with questions, comments, or suggestions. Constructive critcism is always welcome :-) I’m also a proud member of Clan Moray, a Yahoo! Club, so peeps again I holla, "Criticism is welcome!"
Author’s note: This story as well as all my others will be taking place after "Hunter’s Moon." You might see a few familiar lines from the TGS series as well as other stories that I felt were too good to pass up not using (Remember:  Immitation is the finest form of flattery ;-), but the whole plot was mine alone so if you can find it in your hearts to forgive a beginner fanfic writer ;-)
Warning: From here on in there’s a few little snippets of PG language and innuedoes, not much so don’t sweat it, but if you have too delicate a palette then I advise you not to read on. Other than that little unnessecary warning, everyone I hope you like ;-)
All right, lemme see......... I’ve got all my little creativity demons busy at work, "No dawdling people! We’ve got a deadline yesterday!!" My imagination and I have a train booked for the Creation Station, and my fingertips are prancing upon the keys........... yup! I think we are set!!

* * * * * * *
     The night sky was filled with stars, each twinkling and glittering like silver tears in adark velvety cradle. The moon was full and radiant, illuminating the night with its luster.
     One would expect a night like this to be peaceful, but the natives of this isle of towers, glass, and stone know better. The cool night air was filled with the lively, and rather noisy, sounds of the Manhattan night hours. The blaring of claxons, sirens, and car alarms echoes through the dark and narrow alleyways sending the occasional small, furry creature scurrying deeper into the shadows of twilight…..
     ….. and Brooklyn also knew the kind of trouble that lurked where unsuspecting victims never dared to speculate. The night was slow, there was none of the usual crime tonight, although most of the offenders were either incarcerated, considering new job options, or seeking psychiatric help.
     The crimson gargoyle grimaced, a sudden bitterness rising in his heart. His rookery brother Lex was a techno-geek with a love for anything computerized and paid homage to the God of Microsoft. Goliath had Elisa, Broadway had Angela, and Hudson….. well, two outta three wasn’t bad. Though, his track record with women wasn’t nearly as impressive. He remembered, before the massacre of his clan, he was much content in causing mischief with his rookery brothers, too young to contemplate the need of companionship. Now, in this new time and place loneliness had set in. His infatuation with Demona nearly cost the clan Goliath. Maggie the cat had found her hero and protector in Talon, not him. Angela had found her love in Broadway, considering the lonely heart club president of the clan only as a friend. Oh yeah, luck isn’t a lady tonight, or any night—
     A shrill scream, clear as a bell on a Sunday morn, snapped Goliath’s
secon-in-command back to reality. He sighed, wings snapping open to catch the updrafts. A quiet night in Manhattan?, he mused, What was I thinking?


     Kate screamed her fright, in hopes of a gargoyle to be near. It was their gullible nature to try and hide their true demonic personalities by "saving" people.
     Predictable as ever, a growl proceeded the sharp swoop of a winged figure, knocking both of Kate’s "attackers" a good 10 to 15 feet away. One crashed in the nearby dumpster, the top slamming down after him. The second flew headfirst into a pile of trash cans and ripped trash bags, sending a few yowling cats leaping out of harm’s way. Playing the proper victim, Kate cowered in a dark corner; the shadows hiding the victorious smirk plastered across her face.
     The monster leaped down a few scant feet from Kate, its beaked profile visible in the dim light of the alley. It cloaked its wings, perhaps as not to look intimidating but Kate was taught better than to rely on appearance alone when dealing with these unnatural beasts.
     "I won’t hurt you Miss," it intoned in a deep but scratchy sort of tone. This was Kate’s cue.
     "Too bad I can’t say the same for you, you monstrosity. NOW!!" she commanded, her smug smirk making him tense only to growl aloud at the sudden piercing pain in his shoulder. He reached over to have his talons retrieve a small dart the size of a human thumb.

     Brooklyn first felt tired, then his limbs felt heavier with each passing moment. He blinked to clear is blurring vision when he fell to knees, the shadows of the back street playing tricks on him. No, they really were moving.  The groggy gargoyle lifted his head at an angle to see men in dark blue costumes circle around him, glowing hammers in their hands, ready to swing. Two maybe three threw themselves across his back and wings. Too weak to struggle, Brooklyn only managed to throw one off balance, but the offender relentlessly lept back on with his arms locking around his throat from behind. Frustrated, the burgundy gargoyle jerked as he stretched in a sudden jerk motion, succeeding in shaking off all his assailants. Fearing for his safety, Brooklyn’s eyes burned a furious white as he stood his ground, too groggy to climb, all exits were blocked and he was trapped.
     Without warning a slender shadow dropped from above, landing protectively at his side with slanted eyes ablaze like the dying embers of fire. It growled like a wildcat, making some of their attackers step back, intimidated. Brooklyn didn’t know who the stranger was, but he desperately prayed history wasn’t repeating itself (Reference to "Temptation").

Moments before...

     The Manhattan skyline was clear with lights sparsely dotting high-rise apartment buildings, and skyscrapers. A slender figure stood atop an old brick apartment complex, her hair shimmering like sterling in the faint moonlight, even though taken back in a hip-length ponytail.
     She was clothed in an oversized linen blouse with baggy long sleeves, much like the shorts worn in the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries. Over that was a satin sleeveless vest, open in front, embroidered with beads and such in the shape of vines and leaves on the front. Snug, long jeans and black boots with rubber soles warmed her legs and feet.
     There’s going to be a good storm tonight, she mused. The cool gentle breeze was that of oncoming rains despite the sky’s clear appearance. Those clouds, not so threatening now in far distance, showed this to be true.
     A shrill scream jerked her out of her musings, the abrupt calling for help filling the night air. It sounded like it came from just a building over, in an alley, no doubt some punks trying to make easy money. Well, no tonight.
     Determined to help in any way possible, she easily gained enough momentum to vault across to the neighboring building. The possibilities of what happen to that wo