National Security Agency
TOP SECRET - level 5

This is a Top Secret level 5 file.  If you are not authorized to read this, STOP NOW.  If you continue to do so, you can quite legally be shot!  This is your only warning.

report written by NSA Washington D.C. office manager, Brian Cox.  Head of operation PORTER

    We first discovered Mr. Fugit when he started working for Mrs. Destine as her majordomo.  One of our operatives we assigned to watch over the various government contracts of Nightsone Unlimited took finger prints of the Fugit brothers and found out they all have the same fingerprints.  Upon further investigation we discovered that they are not brothers at all, but all three of them (Kerr, Kieran, and Tempus1) were one and the same person, only on paper were they different people.  This raised alot of alarms, so we had him bugged and tailed.  Imagine our surprise when our bug suddenly jumped across Manhattan instantly!  This happened a few more times before the battery in the bug ran out and it self destructed2

    We discovered with further surveillance that Mr. Fugit is a teleporter.  His identities as Kerr, Kieran, and Tempus only existed on paper, in reality they are one and the same person.  We believe he made these three identities so he would have more freedom to use his ability, if someone says, "Didn't I just see you ___" he can say that is must have been one of his brothers.  But these brothers are never seen together.  We have even caught him in the act of teleporting on tape3.  We immediately initiated the PORTER protocols and found out as much information about him as possible (see following page).  Our only clue on who he really is that we matched up his picture with a Stephen Laird Miller who supposedly died a few months back.

    We have no need to go over just how much of a threat a teleporter could be to National Security, steal an A-bomb, smuggle in a horde of illeagal aliens, etc.  Especially in the employ of someone like Domnique Destine - if only a fraction of the rumors are true.  The question for you gentlemen is how are we going to handle Mr. Fugit, hopefully avoiding the mistakes we made with Mr. Rice.

1These names mean Dark (Kerr - Celtic), Mysterious (Kieran - Celtic), and Time (Tempus - Latin).  Fugit itself is a Latin word for flies or flyer.  Possible ties to Wiccian-Druidic beliefs?
2For a full report on this incident see surveillance file 442459-06221997 contained within this folder.
3See Surveillance tape 442478-06291997, copy within this folder.  SPECULATIONS: Mr. Fugit's teleporting technique is alot 'flashier' than David Rice's.  Mr. Rice's teleporting is by all reports instantious with no flash, residue, or sound (one second he's there, the next he's not).  If you look at the tape Mr. Fugit's is accompanied by what appears to be a ball of a flame that quickly expands and retracts in about 3-5 seconds, and a 'whoosh' sound.  I suspect Mr. Fugit is temporally opening some sort of space distortion or gate through space and passing through it.  An agent following Mr. Fugit should be able to secure him to a large solid object to prevent him from going through that gate.  Or an agent could follow Mr. Fugit through that gate before it closes - don't worry, the 'flames' are not harming Mr. Fugit, nor are they leaving any marks and extremely little residue at the teleporting sites, are they?  -  Professor Dr. Benson


Minnesota Driver's License

Name:  Stephen Larry Miller
Physical stats:
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 6-1
    Weight: 200
    Sex: Male
    Birth Date: 01-20-77
License Class D
    Endorsements: None
    Restrictions: None
License Issued: B2


    And so far, that is the only definite fact we know about who Mr. Fugit may be.  Thank God for databases, or we may have never found him.  Except for an accident report and a speeding ticket, he has no criminal record.  He did have some psychological problems when he was younger (nothing compared to David Rice), and he does have an above average intelligence, but other than this he is extremely normal.  How he got the ability to teleport, we have no idea.  And once he did, why he decided to fake his own death (and how, there is a body in the morgue), we also do not know.

    We are continuing to monitor him in Manhattan as much as we can, but Miss Destine is very paranoid, and has already caused several incidents with our agents.  She uses the latest technology from Nightstone Unlimited to counter our covert surveillance, and getting close to her is almost impossible.  We do know that though he maintains an art stuido away from Miss Destine, but he rarely uses it.  He spends most of his time with her, even at night.

    Currently we are sending agents to investigate his entire life, and try to actually confirm Mr. Fugit is indeed Mr. Miller, more solid information should be coming in soon.  We are trying to get his psych profile from the psychlogist who treated him, along with interviews with people who knew him.  I hope he really has cut off all ties with his previous life (assuming this is Mr. Fugit), then we can find out as much as we can without him also finding out.  We should have a great oppourinty with his funeral coming up in a few days. - Brian Cox

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Warning - Fanfiction spoilers

    Mr. Fugit has so far only appeared in my Power and Responsibility story.  But I plan on him becoming a major figure in my Soul Reaver series.  Sorry for not really releasing much info on him here, but I want to save the surprises for when I get around to writing the story :).  In the mean time, you can find out a little more from reading Power and Responsibility, if not a whole lot more.

    But to tell you some things about Fugit that the NSA and Cox don't know....  He is actually trying to court Demona (Bazookas are standing by), will get into trouble with the NSA (as if you couldn't tell), become a pawn for the one who gave him his powers, and....  I should save that for the stories I am going to write.  Be sure to catch my Soul Reaver series, my other two series Castaway's Dream and The Altered Universe (with Kristina "Krystiana" Brannan), and my stories in TGS!  Blessed be!

    Oh, one other thing about Fugit's nightlife.....

    Hey, this is a Gargoyle story afterall!  Blessed be!