Character Profile -- Rain
Created by Don A. Martinez (Coyote the Bando)
Name: Rain

 Affiliation: Formerly a lone warrior on Avalon, now a member of Clan Manhattan.

 Vital Stats:
Height: 8'2"
Weight: 380
Wingspan: 12'
Age: Unknown (see below)
Interests: Medicine, magic, Rosanna 

Images by Amy K. Cyrway
Profile: Rain is a fiercely loyal companion, the one you always want to have at your side in a fight. This is why he's been so valuable to the Clan during the Rokkan invasion. His knowledge of medical treatments, both semi-magical and natural, serve to make him the de facto field medic.

 History: Not much was known about Rain until the Rokkans' blitzkrieg over the globe destroying all of the world's gargoyle clans. When they came over Guatemala, a magic link in the pendants of the Guatemalan clan ... of which Rain wears one ... finally revealed to him the truth about his parents, his heritage ... and his destiny.

 It was then discovered that Rain is the son of Turqueza (a transplanted Guatemalan clanmember on Avalon) and Coyote the Trickster. He was conceived shortly after the death of Turqueza's clanmate Jade at the hands of the Weird Sisters. Coyote vowed revenge for Jade's death upon the Sisters, and made an attempt to permanently separate himself from Oberon's Court for this purpose.

 He came to live with Turqueza, splitting his time between Avalon and the real world (where he watched over Rose Maza as "Mrs. Thorogood"). Over the course of a few weeks on Avalon, the two grew closer, and eventually fell in love. Their love was consummated on one fateful Avalonian night when Coyote turned his magicks on himself, making him a gargoyle for one night.

 Three days after his conception, Rain's egg was lain. A day later, it hatched.

 Appearances: Rain is a supporting character in Gargoyles: Clan Manhattan, and recently became a major player in the cycle.

 He first appeared in "By the Grace of Oberon," as Avalon Clan member Lina finds him in the small patch of rainforest transplanted to Avalon in the canon episode "The Green." Eventually she volunteers herself and Rain to go to Manhattan, as Avalon's champions against the Rokkans. His first major appearance in the cycle came in "Miles to Go Before I Sleep," when he helped nurse a badly injured Rosanna through a night hiding from the Rokkans during an attack. This story is where we see the seeds planted for what would become later between Rosanna and Rain. Rain's next major appearance would be in "The Bowels," when he helped Slash, Coyote and Alexander Xanatos investigate the Labyrinth, searching for a secret stockpile of weapons Alexander's father had left there years before. Even with Coyote, he had no idea how the trickster would be involved in his life.

 Rain's feelings began to surface in "The Storm," when he stood at the battlements watching Rosanna, and finally leaping upward to catch her when the retro-virus she was infected with nearly killed her. He confessed these feelings he felt to Angela in "Life and Death at Castle Wyvern," while waiting for Rosanna to come out of surgery. Much to his relief, when she did come out of the operation, her feelings were mutual ... much to Lina's displeasure, as Rosanna and Rain's growing relationship led to the events of "Green."

 In "Return," Rain is seen in the role that he took in the first few weeks after the operation ... as a companion to Rosanna as she recovered. He finally gives her a token of his love in "So This is Christmas ..." a necklace with a small Avalonian crystal (Rain's good luck charm) as the pendant. The importance of this pendant may be seen in the future.

 Rain's past is finally revealed to him in "Spirits of the Green," as the spirit of Zafiro called to him through Jade's pendant, revealing everything he needed to know about his past and his destiny. That destiny was told to Rosanna by Coyote in "Friends and Mates," while she was angry with Rain about his secret. At the end of this story, she finally came to terms with Rain's past, and vowed to him that she wanted to be a part of his life, no matter where it took him. She had finally accepted the path chosen for him by his father, as his destiny ... to confront and destroy the Weird Sisters. 

Thus far, Rain has only appeared in four pieces of artwork, of which only three are on the Web:

 Portrait, by Amy K. Cyrway
Surgery in the Night, by Christi Smith Hayden (a scene from "Life and Death at Castle Wyvern")
Lovers in Wartime, by Amy K. Cyrway (a portrait of Rain with Rosanna)

 A fouth picture, "Jealousy," by Liz (a scene from "Green") will (hopefully) be available for viewing soon.
Also, I'm always looking for new pictures and new viewpoints on all of my characters. Rain is certainly no exception. 

Rain's Destiny:

 Both Rain and Rosanna know that his destiny is to destroy the Weird Sisters. Will it come to pass in "When Clans Collide!"? **chuckles** Wouldn't you like to know?

 Aside from his participation in WCC, plans for Rain are unsure right now. Should "Rose of Connecticut" indeed be written, he may make an appearance in the sequel to "Sleepover," which would tell what happened when Rosanna and Tommy Walker were on Avalon. If any more is written involving this particular universe, expect Rain and Rosanna to be together for a long while ... and perhaps two halflings could, with a little help from family, produce a child ...


Rain is available as a guest in other fics. Contact me if you're interested in using him.