More Lightbulbs

submitted by Warpmind de InzanE 

Demona: It's not the lightbulb that needs to be changed... we need to
rewire everything.
The Trio is heard pushing their way past each other, someone shouts:
"Outta my way".
Angela: Guys.
More commotion.
Angela: GUYS!
Broadway: Uh-oh...
Sound of the Trio crashing.
Angela: I tried to change the lightbulb.
Trio: Thanks.
Jackal: You don't side with this burnt-out lightbulb, do you?
Hyena: I find it very changeable.
Jackal: Well, that's sicker than usual.
And here's one from my own fanfics (If ya ever read'em):
Jason Evermore: I have lived for over 800 years, and to my satisfaction
I have seen that burnt-out lightbulbs have a way of becoming changed.
Jason Evermore: No. Some lightbulbs are not meant to be changed, and I
am fairly certain this is one.
And here's a little something from Christine Morgan's characters:
Aiden: Oooops...
Angela (to Brooklyn): You don't ... you can't mean that ... you and my
mother ... changed lightbulbs? (Ever read Confession?)