A Letter from the Editor:

    Quite a bit has happened in my life since the last issue of Avalon Mists, and all in all it's something of a
blue-eyed wonder (where did that phrase come from, anyway?) that I'm getting this done on time. I'm very
pleased to report that my second fantasy series, the ElfLore trilogy, has been accepted by Silver Dragon
Press, an imprint of Renaissance Alliance Publishing. I've also finished the recording of Black Roses, a horror
novel that is being produced as an audio book, read by yours truly, from TimeFare Productions.
    With all of this going on, having finished the second ElfLore book in less than two months, I have barely
had time to even think about fanfic. However, from now until after the Gathering, that's going to be my main
focus. To celebrate this, I'm pleased that I finally got a chance to sit down and write my contribution to the
Challenge, Travels of the Guardian.
    This issue contains many cool new things, including Imzadi's icons and Christi's caption contest, as well as
some very cool stories and pics and more of Michael Heitz's terrific cartoons. Thank you, contributors! Nice
work, one and all!
    The big upcoming event of the summer is of course the Gathering, which begins on June 22 and goes for
four fun-filled, programming-packed days. I'll be there, along with my husband Tim and daughter Becca, and
my sister-in-law Kathy, and my father and his new bride might even stop by! I'm greatly looking forward to
the panels, the dozens of guests from the show, and getting to debut my third MageLore book. It should be
the most exciting con yet!
    The deadline for the next issue will be Thursday, August 30th. Don't miss the Artists' Challenge, in which
we'll skate right up to the edge of Avalon Mists' PG rating with the Titania's Secret catalog! ; ) As always,
fics, pics, crossovers, filks, poems, articles, character spotlights, and the like are eagerly welcomed.

Christine Morgan
May 31, 2001