Quarrymen Rally Song

by Patrick Toman


to the tune of "Hammer to Fall" by Queen
(as sung by John Castaway)
Here we stand or here we fall
History won't care at all
Take a hood, join the fight
Show no mercy to those creatures of night, yeah
It won't take no time at all
Conquer your nightmares and answer the call
It's all for one and one for all
We're all ready for the hammer to fall, yeah.
They hunt by night and hide by day
Your little children they'll be stealing away
So join with me, John Castaway
Kill those monsters is the answer, I say, yeah
Hear me friends, this ain't no game
What, the politicians? No clue at all
Join the cause and pledge your name
You know it's time for the hammer to fall
Demons running rampant in our city, it's insane (oh no, oh no)
Oh, now's the time for action, friends, the truth is all too plain (oh no)
Yeah, we know that our struggle's not in vain
Together we stand tall and proud
Uninfluenced by the left-wing crowd
And now our voices will be heard
As we lift our hammers higher and higher and higher
Won't take long to win this war
Only gravel will remain on the wall
Against our might they've got no prayer
They're just waiting for the hammer to hammer to fall
It's going to fall
Hammer, you know
Yeah, hammer to fall
They're all waiting for the hammer to fall
Let me hear it one more time
* * * * *