Top Ten REAL Reasons That David Xanatos Wants To Be Immortal:
By Diana R. Flynn "The Dark Eyed"

10. Hours in a heavy metal exo-suit alone can't keep that body in tip top shape.

9. He never wants to let Alex beat him at basketball.

8. He's seen Halcyon Reynard. (Talk about ICKY! When's the last time that guy cut his nails? Or took a bath? Eeeeeeuuuuuuww!!)

7. The idea of inevitably attending the funerals of all those guys back in the fishing village where he grew up that kept pushing him into the halibut nets and calling him "Davey," just put a big ol' smile on his face.

6. He's seen Puck and decided that spending eternity annoying the heck out of everyone was pretty cool.

5. He wants to survive what Demona and John Castaway will do to him after they find out that he was the one that put them in a stuck elevator with a box of assorted blunt objects and a note saying "PLAY NICE!" (I know! I know! I couldn't resist!)

4. He needs his eyesight for playing video games.

3. Fox keeps giving him death threats every time she finds out that he's been drinking milk direct from the carton again.

2. He wants to live to catch Sevarious singing "Sweet Transvestite," when he thought that no one was looking.

And the Number One Reason that Davey X Wants To Live 'Til He Can Become First Officer on His Very Own Starship:

1. Three words: "Male," "pattern," and "balding."

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