A Letter from the Editor:


    Welcome to another fine issue of Avalon Mists! As always, this wouldn't be possible without the
help of the wonderful artists and writers. Thank you, one and all!
    We lucked into a lot of humorous submissions this time. The guidelines to being a villain in the
Gargoyles universe, a take on "West Side Story" that must be read to be believed, top-ten lists from
one of the show's most neglected characters, more lightbulb jokes, and some delightful peeks into
other eras in the Challenge Results ... though for some reason the majority of these show Brooklyn
in disco garb or white satin and sequins ....
    And I've never been so glad for a delay in posting ... I was planning to have this issue up by
Sunday the 28th of November but various things interfered, and then on Tuesday Michael Heitz
sent in a lengthy and hilarious comic strip. Takes a while to load but believe me, it's worth the wait!
    This has been a rough month for me, as I have been battling a bronchial infection that just will not
go away. The worst of this is that it has cut into my own writing time, thus slowing my hoped-for
fanfic progress. I've also been distracted by a new project, an original serial novella entitled "A
King for Hothar," which will be appearing in monthly installments in Sabledrake Magazine.
    Did I say Sabledrake Magazine? Why, yes, it seems I did!
    So as long as we're on the subject ...
    Tim and I are beginning a 'zine of our own, with a focus on gaming and fantasy/sci-fi. We are
eagerly accepting art, short stories, game reviews, articles related to gaming, etc. If
you might be interested in contributing, or if you'd like to read such a 'zine, check it out at
    In other news, those of you who have been awaiting the second MageLore novel will be pleased
to hear that it will be coming out next summer. The current plan is to hold the debut party at the
Gathering 2000, in Orlando. See Draconis' article here in AvMists for updates on the con.
    The next issue of Avalon Mists will come out in early March. Wednesday, March 22 is the
deadline (it's a little earlier than usual but the 30th is my birthday and I hope to spend
my birthday weekend doing something a little more relaxing).
    Contact me at vecna@eskimo.com

Christine Morgan
November 27, 1999 / November 30, 1999