Gargoyles Haikus

by Dirce

1. Goliath
Desolate in stone
Brave leader and warrior
Friendship gives him hope
2. Elisa
Red leather jacket
Good detective trusts no one
At least, until now
3. Demona
Angel of the night
Hatred and vengeance made flesh
Forever alone
4. Hudson
Mentor, old soldier
Does the river need a name?
Years of fighting left
5. Broadway
Though gourmand, he thinks
Not with stomach but with heart
Gentle, sweet, and kind
6. Brooklyn
Rebel with a cause
Wears his sunglasses at night
Looking for romance
7. Lexington
Clever with technology
8. Bronx
Caught scent of danger
Scratching at the tapestry
His nose never lies
9. Angela
Favorite hatchling
Insists on strong family ties
Over objections
10. Xanatos
All things to one goal
What use is the wealth without
11. Owen
Loyal to a fault
Right hand man with left hand stone
Lifetime of service
12. Puck
Through the looking glass
Chance to have a little fun
Come on, letís party!
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