Fanfic Debut -- A New Beginning

by Heidi Doeing

Author's note: All characters not created by me are not mine, are used without permission and for no profit.

Part 1

Last Week

The elder gargess had to rush to catch up with the clan's leader. The meeting had not gone well. "Me hija, I think that the clan's
opinion is correct. It is no longer safe for us here."

"A good leader considers all of her options, mama."

"A good leader listens to her clan," a voice spoke up. The leader turned and faced her twin sister.

"My sister, this has been the home of our clan for many, many generations."

"If our clan remains, there will not be any more generations."

"Enough sister, I must consider my decision." Her eyes flashed pink. "In peace."

Last Month

"Rookery sister's daughter, is what you speak true?" the leader queried. "Yes, my leader. It is true. I have met two other
gargoyles! They told stories of whole clans on several islands in this world. Even on a magical one!" the youngest of the clan
replied with much excitement.

"Tell me again, when did you meet them?"

"Yesterday afternoon on my way back from the city. I was caught in traffic behind a forest work convoy which was attacked
by two gargoyles. Both were far from their home in Guatamala. But since their clan was destroyed, and then later split apart,
they have become rovers, protecting the forest wherever they go. Two of their members traveled to an island called Avalon to
save the dying forest samples at the suggestion of the leader of the clan from New York."

"So the stories are true. We're not the only ones." A look of disturbance crossed her face. "Did you say yesterday?! How was
that possible?"

The younger gargess furrowed her brow, recalling the legends of how her clan used to turn to stone during the day. "They wear
magical pendants that allow them to not turn to stone and allowed them to escape the massacre of the rest of their clan."

"The Dawn Greeters? Child, do you know what this means? The Dawn Greeters were a legend within our clan since before
it was cursed. A very long time ago, our clan was larger than you can imagine. We had males and females. We turned to stone
instead of into humans. The group was so large that it was considered a good idea to split it in half. One group headed to the
North and the other to the South. We are of the group that moved southward In the first few years of that split, messangers
would travel between the two groups. That is when the first stories of the Dawn Greeters began. A magician worked a spell
that allowed four out of the clan to remain as they were during the day. These gargoyles are kin that I believed were long dead.
We must welcome them."

"They are right outside, my leader."

"Call them in! Why did you not tell me that they were here sooner?"

Obsiniana and Zaphiro swooped down from the sky where they were gliding into the tree top dwelling. "Welcome cousins. We
greet you as members of our own clan."

Zaphiro and the clan leader clasped forearms in the time honored gesture of respect and greeting. "We thank you, prima," Obsiniana
spoke, "We are glad to see that your clan lives, though your human appearance during the day is quite puzzling."

"That is the curse of our clan. This is my rookery sister's mother. She is our clan's storyteller. My sister is no longer with us." Obsiniana
and Zaphiro exchanged looks and greeted her with respect.

"Five centuries ago, our clan lived among the native people, as yours did. Tensions had always existed between our people. Several of
the villagers loved and welcomed us such as the village priest. However, the chief and the elders of the time claimed that one among their
numbers had a vision that our kind would lead to their downfall. We learned of this vision because the leader's daughter was a friend and
pupil of the priest. Rumors spread through our numbers of an invasion from the east. As daylight approached, our leader swore to protect
the village at all costs. Her daughter and her four rookery sisters had just passed their warrior training and were at the priests home for
lessons. The day progressed without incident, but a nightfall was upon, word of the invaders came to the chief. He feared that the elder's
vision would come to pass. He ordered all of the gargoyles to be destroyed, from hatchling to frail elder. The leader's daughter awoke in
the priest's home to see that her entire clan was gone except for her and her sisters. She found the Spaniards and struck a bargain. She
and her sisters would fight with them if they would spare them and the priest. The village stood no chance and was sacked. The new leader
of our clan overheard plans for a trap for her clan and the priest. They were to be killed at sunrise and the priest was to be taken back to
Spain. She hurried back to her mentor. He recognized the danger and cast a spell so that they may become human at daybreak. Those five
gargoyles were the forerunners of our clan. They found no males, rogue or otherwise while escaping the village to another place in the east.
The priest admitted to the leader that they must mate with humans in order to keep the clan alive. Their children were born as gargoyles, and
they too became human during the day. They were also all female. So are we all today."

The two newcomers sat quietly for a bit. Zaphiro finally broke the silence. "We are truly sorry for your clan's fate. At least your clan
remains. We have lost so much."

"We have lost many members throughout the years. The worst was last year when four of our members including my sister and grandmother,
were shot in flight. We found them the next day. It was too late." She paused, "Tell me of this clan in New York..."


The leader thought about the clan members who volunteered to stay with Obsiniana and Zaphiro. She didn't like the idea of leaving her
home. But her sister spoke the truth. It was no longer safe for them to stay. Those three would become rovers as well and there would be
no one to mark the fact that her clan had been there.

One Week Later

David Xanatos sat in his office with his fingers steepled. His assistant walked through the door without knocking. Demona had been stopped,
though John Canmore was still out there, he could be taken care of easily. Xanatos looked up and smirked at him. "Ah, Owen. Perfect timing
as usual. I was just thinking that we could use some excitement."

"There are eight ladies in the lobby claiming to be friends of Goliath."

Xanatos turned his chair toward the wall where he could view the scenes from all the security cameras. The only reaction that he
allowed himself to show was mild surprise at their beauty. "Well I'm certainly jealous of our reinstated guest, though I believe that
this will cause some friction between him and the good detective. Send them up. They must be aware that he is still asleep. I'd like
to talk to them and find out about this rather surprising acquaintance."

Dusk, That Day

Owen's presence was met with groans by the trio after they awoke. They still felt weird about being back at the castle. Especially Lex.
But after the clock tower, they quickly readjusted.

Broadway made a beeline for the kitchen dragging Angela behind him. She laughed good naturedly and followed. Goliath approached
the major domo.

"Good evening, Goliath. You have guests tonight. They are waiting in Mr. Xanatos' office along with Mr. Xanatos."

What trap is this? Goliath thought to himself. He disliked surprises, especially those from Xanatos.

He hesitated and Owen turned. "I assure you, Mr. Xanatos bears you no ill will. Please follow me."

In the office of David Xanatos, stood eight beautiful females. Goliath stood agape as he took them all in. Two elders, still radiant, three
that were about his age, though two were identical in everything but their dress, and three youthful beauties about the age of the trio. One
of the twins stepped forward.

"Hello, Goliath. I am Latte, leader of the Amazon Clan."

To Be Continued ...

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