by Warpmind de InzanE

An Inspirations story

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I am not connected to Disney or Buena Vista, to whom the show "Gargoyles"
belong, yadayadayada, and all that jazz. You've heard it before, and you are likely to hear it again.

      "Can you explain one more time," the red-haired girl ran a hand through her hair, "what the heck
you are, why you're here, and how you got here?"
      The turqouise gargoyle sighed again, looked around at the landscape, and started over.

      The lone gargoyle quickly scaled the outer wall, making sure he remained in the shadows. He grinned
at the bittersweet irony of his quest. First, locate and acquire one ChronoTrigger. Second, find his way to
the Temporal Gate.
     Then, go to Roswell, New Mexico to change history, to keep the USAF from getting their greedy hands
on the UFO-technology that had been used for building the machine that stood here. Such amusement, such
fun... such grief he would be able to prevent...
      Having slapped the wristwatch-like ChronoTrigger on his arm, he entered the Transporter Pad and voiced
the commands meant to take him back through time.
      "Computer, set arrival to Roswell, New Mexico, grid one-oh-two-nine by one-nine-seven-nine, date July
seven, time two-one-oh-oh. Energize."
      "Unable to comply, sir. Security registers as breached. No ChronoLeap will be authorized until the alarm
is off."
      "WHAT? Oh, c'mon, computer, gimme a break. Be nice, eh?"
      "Consider this, puny organic being: I am currently the world's most sophisticated AI, and I'm eternally
trapped in a box measuring about two by five by eight inches. I have no reason to be nice."
      The gargoyle grinned. He had foreseen this, and he had the computer exactly where he wanted him.
      "So, buddy, you're stuck? Hey, how 'bout a deal?"
      "And what do you think I desire from a fleshling?"
      "Well, if I can do my Leap, you won't be trapped in that box."
      The computer hummed for a brief moment, seemingly thinking it through.
      "Well, mortal, I think there is only one appropriate word for my answer..."
      Green lightnings flashed on the Transporter Pad, ripping the young gargoyle out of reality.
      "Namely `Doneï. Good luck, young one."

      "...And next thing I knew, I was standing here in front of you. By the way, my name is Harry. And
      The girl smiled, extended her hand, and replied, "I'm Sally. Welcome to Roswell. And you still haven't
explained what you are."
      "Oh, sorry. Gargoyles are protectors, it's not just what we do, it's what we are. I'm here to protect the
future from its past, which happens to be in the near future from now... do you follow?"
      "Uh... yeah, I think so. You're going to change something that will happen here tomorrow."
      "Actually, tonight. There will be an awful storm, and two alien spacecraft will collide and hit the ground.
In the future from whence I came, the USAF had recovered both wrecks and managed to repair one with
parts of the other, and they used the spacecraft... against my kind. I alone survived the onslaught, blind luck
saved my hide. Or maybe it was fate, I don't know. In any case..." The gargoyle looked down at his feet,
shoulders drooping, "In any case, I am the last. And as for the humans of that future... something in the small
spacecraft was awakened, and quickly gathered all the energy it could. Earth lost all power plants withing hours.
Fusion plants, old solar power plants, you name it, they were tapped, bled dry. Within the next two months,
humanity had been reduced to a mere percent of its population, caused by starvation and hypothermia alone.
Only a few installations still had power when the UFO headed out of our atmosphere, the few who ran on
geothermal power. Among them, the ChronoTrigger Facilities."
      "So, you think you can do this, then? I've always thought that history is impossible to change, that what is
done is done for all time."
      "True, that is how it usually works... but the ChronoTrigger project changed that."
      "Uh... I'm no scientist, but I think they found some way of moving outside time, so that history would be
unaware of any changes, so to speak."
      "Okay, I think I get it. So, need any help?"
      "Most likely."

      The skies opened around midnight, and a handful of strange craft were visible high above the planet.
Two of them collided, and plummeted toward the ground, blasting a formidable crater where they landed.
Harry and Sally made their way to the UFOs, fighting the wind.
      "How far away do you think it is?"
      "I SAID... oh, skip it. You can't hear me over the wind anyway."
      "I can't hear you over the wind. The crash site is just down in that hole, we'll be sheltered from the
storm there."
      Sally made a face, holding on to Harry as best she could while walking behind him. Harry found the
crater in a most impractical way, stepping right into it and pulling Sally along in the fall. When they recovered,
they found themselves leaning on a metallic surface of... something, and staring at a short, grayish humanoid
with an oversized head, large black eyes and something deadly-looking in his hand. The creature spoke.
      "Sxwuldigrh! Mwxfnghe? Gargfdsdryjbn!"
      Sally looked at the alien blankly, but Harry seemed to understand the language.
      "Sqrophtz. Nzwoytrdwasvmnb, stjshsdrgbxnxy agrfhst."
      The alien lowered his weapon and smiled.
      "Very well, if you insist. But why did you drop in on us, anyway?"
      Sally stared.
      "Oh, and could you tell this human friend of yours that it is impolite to stare at people?"
      Harry grinned, "I think it's just that she never expected you to speak our language."
      "I don't, it's this interpretor device that translates for me. So, come to help repair our vessels, or to hinder us?"
      "Actually, I know that it is impossible for you to repair both craft, you must rebuild one with parts from the
other, leaving one wreck here."
      "How can you say that?"
      "Because I'm from the future. A future where you failed to repair your ships and get away. And because of
that, this planet will die in about 150 years."
      The alien paled.
      "I'll notify the Commander. Quickly, you must help us transfer parts, then."
      The three of them made their way inside the spacecraft, and started disassembling destroyed parts,
throwing them outside.
      "The crew from the other vessel should be here momentarily. Now, do you know how we can repair
one of our ships?"
      "Yep, I sure do, you need to replace these consoles," Harry pointed at the far wall where three smoking
computers stood, "the ones in the other craft are still mostly functional."
      "Why not instead take pieces from this one over there?"
      Sally looked up at the gargoyle, smiling, fidgeting with small pieces of unearthly metal.
      "Yeah, Harry, why not take parts from this one over to the other ship?"
      "Simple. On this ship, the engines still work, and the hull is intact. On the other... well, losing power and
atmosphere just doesn't sound comfortable."
      The alien swallowed and opened the hatch, allowing three others to enter.
      "Qwagfthjfdy shgdytj xhxjxyjjfg, dj."
      The three newcomers nodded, and left.
      "They're going for the consoles, I just hope you are right."
      "I know I am. Now, we have about five hours to make repairs and get you out of here, let's hurry."

      One human, one gargoyle and seven aliens were working hard together, for the first time in history. The
last of the repaired consoles was sliding nicely into place, and the machinery started to hum contentedly.
      "Srsjtrj dhd."
      Two of the aliens smiled to each other and touched foreheads.
      "Guys, we did it."
      The alien they first had met cheered and fished up the two earthlings in a hug.
      "Without you two, who knows what would have happened?"
      "I do. The military would have found both craft, arrested and performed experiments on you, and rebuilt this
craft themselves. Then, our world would have been forfeit."
      "We thank you."
      "Likewise." Harry smiled at the crew. "But now you must hurry up and leave, in less than two hours humans
will arrive to capture you."
      Some of the aliens were arguing haughtily.
      "Harry, what's going on?" Sally asked nervously.
      "Uh... you might not like this, but they're arguing about what to do with us, since we've seen them and
been in here."
      "What do you... they want to kill us?"
      "No... not exactly. They argue whether killing us is necessary, whether or not there are alternatives..."
      The navigator they had first befriended approached them, concerned.
      "Harry, Sally, I think you should decide what we do to you."
      "What are our options?"
      "Well, there's death..."
      "Out of the question."
      "Very well, then there's memory wiping, but our facility is not functioning as well as it should due to
the crash..."
      "We'll pass."
      "That leaves one possibility. Come with us."
      "WHAT?" The two earthlings chorused.
      "Really, we cannot let you walk loose with your knowledge. What's more, this military of yours is likely
to capture you, as well, and squeeze information from you. So therefore we have an offer for you."
      "We're listening."
      "First: if you come with us, you will automatically become the ambassadors of your homeworld. You
will be given positions of power in the Galactic Council, and you will have the final word in decisions concerning
your planet. Second: we have the equipment to create artificial habitats to your liking, we can assure you, your
surroundings will never be displeasing to you. Third: you'll be able to go where no earthlings have gone before.
Part of the status of Ambassador is your own personal spacecraft, ensuring efficient and comfortable means of
transportation. Fourth: uh... well, there is really no fourth point, the standard offer always consists of four parts,
the last of which is to be suggested by our... guests. What do you think?"
      Harry and Sally stared at each other, pondering, when the a voice cut through to them from the cockpit.
      "Jhsdysdt stjhklo rrlsauozw!"
      Harry spoke before Sally had the time to open her mouth.
      "It seems our decision has been made for us. We accept."
      Sally glared at him.
      "Sorry, Sally, but the USAF is approaching. If we don't get out of here, they'll arrest us for trespassing. And
according to my history lessons, they aren't used to gargoyles in this period."
      The vessel rose from the ground, albeit unsteadily, and shot toward the sky. On board were seven gray-
skinned humanoids, one red-haired human and a turqouise gargoyle.
      "Well, Schrwu, if we are leaving earth, I for one could use a meal. Got anything to eat around here?"
      Their friend guided them to the rear of the spacecraft.
      "Please, ambassadors, follow me, we have a device for preparing food over here. Just place your palm on
this scanner here," Schrwu said, demonstrating how the device worked, "and think of what you would like to
eat. The machine will identify your desire, and you may retrieve your meal from this hatch."
      He took a small, liquid-filled cup from the compartment and sipped happily.
      Sally tried, placing her hand on the scanner, and tried to think of what she wanted to eat. When she opened
the hatch, there was a tall pile of pancakes, drenched in blueberry jam resting there. Smacking her lips hungrily,
she started to scarf her food down.
      "Hmmm, these pancakes are the best I ever tasted."
      "But of course, ambassador Sally, the food replicator scans your memory for the best sample of your selected
edible, and replicates that. It cannot go wrong."
      Harry shoved the two gently aside, placing his palm on the scanner.
      "Please step back, I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse."

      Ambassadors Harry and Sally of Earth worked honorably for as long as they were in office in the Galactic
Council, always working to help the ones in trouble, never afraid to get some dirt between their toes. The
Ambassadorial Policy concerning Earth was one of no interference; the decision was that when Earthlings were
ready, they would come to the Council, instead of vice versa. Their children never saw their ancestral home, but
one day, their descendants may be allowed to return to Earth. Over the 170 earth-years Harry worked, the only flaw
on his record was what had been humorously dubbed `The Equine Incident', in memory of a small mistake he had
made before he stood before the Council for the first time.