Waiting for a Gargoyle

by Sailor Sirius

     Disclaimer:  I do not own Gargoyles.  It is a production of Buena Vista and Disney Studios.  But this work was inspired by the series and itís completely original.  So please do not copy or use this piece without my permission.
     I am told Gargoyles donít exist
  That they are just a creature of fantasy
Locked away forever to adultís eyes
Yet every night I open my window
To look for the shadowy figures in the sky
To hear the rustle of wind and wing
To see the menacing glow of the eye
But each day as the dawn nears
No Gargoyle has flown by my window
Each day I close it
To wait for the next night to come
Statues of the creature taunt me in the day
With their raised hackles
Ready to destroy those who threaten their home
Each night I wait to hear the beat of wings
Folding and landing in my rooftop
Each day people mock me like the statues
They donít exist!  Quit playing childish games!Ē they say
But I ignore and watch the setting sun
For I shall wait with my window open
As the sunsets and the stone skin cracks
Leaving it open
While the clan of Gargoyles greets the night with mighty roars
Laying in my bed, watching
As they glide into the night to protect
Waiting for a shadowy form
And the pass by without noticing
I drift off into slumber
But as long as the sunsets
My window remains open
And I listen for the rustling of wings against wind
Praying for a timeÖ
Watching and waiting
For a Gargoyle to pass by
* * * * *