Oberon's Isle

by Warpmind de InzanE

(Mel: The theme from Gilligan's Isle)
Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale
a tale of a magic isle
of a band of fearless runaways
and a treachery so vile.
In Scotland good King Kenneth ruled,
of naught there was a lack,
when an evil knight named Constantine
stabbed him in the back. (He stabbed him in the back.)
Five humans feared for gargoyle eggs,
that Constantine did hate,
so the Magus made a cunning plan
and gambled then on Fate. (He gambled then on Fate.)
Three skiffs went out with eggs aboard,
and a mighty magic book,
with Katherine,
the Magus too,
and Tom the Guardian,
Mary and Finella,
left for Oberons Isle.
So off they went to hide away,
but faced a problem great.
Their magic book could not be brought,
and the band was made to wait.
Then Mary and Finella said,
"we'll guard the magic book,
and keep it far from Constantine,
that no-good, vicious crook."
Two skiffs reached shore on Avalon,
been there for a long, long time,
the eggs grew up to adulthood,
and I've given up this rhyme.
But take a trip to Avalon,
and stay here for a while,
where time is going slower,
here on Oberon's Isle!
* * * * *