Avalon Mists Editorial Essay
Candidate #3: Stephen R. Sobotka, Jr.

Background : Started participating in Gargoyles Fandom 10-plus years ago; writing independant fan-fiction under "The DeGuy Saga", and various crossover stories (mixing Gargoyles with other animated shows). Joined "The Gargoyles Saga" project at the end of Season One; worked as a writer, Writer's Bullpen Head & Breakdowns Head During Seasons 2, on the various spin-offs and the Main Cycle of the project.

I am a writer of varied experience: both in original fiction (sci-fi / fantasy / genre), and fan-fiction. Am a part of the Wintersmith Dreams fan magazine staff, and a contributor to Sabledrake Magazine as a writer and a regular columnist. I have worked as an editor for a few independant writers on and off for the last few years.

What do Gargoyles and Avalon Mists mean to you? : Gargoyles means a difference from the norm; a show that broke all the conventions of animated television and brought out something new and entertaining when everything else was trying to attract the general child populace. It means taking risks, and showing what quality, creativity, imagination and good presentation can do if given the chance.

Avalon Mists means much of the same, with the added onus of allowing other 'voices' to be heard. To give people a forum to showcase their talent and creativity, where it can pay tribute to the show and its characters that inspire them.

It is a venue for old hands and young newcomers alike can show their wares, so to speak. Writers, artists, gamers, tinkerers and the like can come and share with others just what the show means to them, through whatever medium they choose to apply.

Its a place that should be maintained, since there are so few places where fans can go to read and look, and share and build a piece and place in this fandom. Without it, Gargoyles as a whole is diminished greatly.

To me, it's a duty and a responsibility that demands the best attention and comitment. Quality work, and work that best exemplifies the fans should be the hallmark of Avalon Mists. As editor, it is a level of such that must be maintained. No matter who takes the reins, it is a job that isn't to be taken lightly either.

To me, Avalon Mists is a voice, a heartbeat, a part of the soul of the fandom. And much like the fandom and the spirit of Gargoyles itself, it is something I would very much like to see continue for years to come.

And that's something I would very much like to do.