Avalon Mists Editorial Essay
Candidate #2: John Clemens

Canadian, 21 yr old guy. Living in Southern Ontario. Currently in college for Law & Security. Also a military reservist.

Draw alot and have a few fics posted. Done a few comissions here and there. Once in awhile I show up at #gargoyles on IRC and virtually pick my nose and harass StampLady.

Wrote the odd film reviews for school newspaper. Artistic flair. I can also type while wearing this straight-jacket.

Serving in the military of a very pacifist nation, I can often relate to how the Clan felt, being sworn to protect a people ungrateful and even resentful of your presence. In this light, the show brought me a verification of my current and future careers. Despite the lack of praise, what I do is still neccessary and important. There is no need to list the other  valuable lessons one can learn from the show.

Avalon Mists re-affirms that I am not alone for my admiration of the series and that the fandom has not become stagnant. It also gives me inspiration to keep my creative skills sharp. These are often neglected do to my chosen path. Taking over as editor would allow me to take these gifts even further, and help spark them in others.