Avalon Mists Editorial Essay
Candidate #1: Alex Lyons

My background information is that I am a young white female.  My experience in the fandom is that I have been a fan of Gargoyles since 1995.  In November of 1999, I met Jeff Bennett(the voice of Brooklyn), Bill Fagerbakke(the voice of Broadway), Thom Adcox-Hernandez(the voice of Lexington) and Greg Weisman(the creator of Gargoyles).  I met them through Make A Wish.  I got to do a mock version of the episode Turf.  Which I got to play the parts of Angela, Elisa, Captain Chavez and one of Brod's men.  I now keep in contact with Jeff, but he's usually busy and can't get back to me as quickly as I'd like.

Gargoyles means so much to me.  I'm hoping that when I go in for my next heart surgery that the hospital will have Toon Disney, just so I can watch it.  Avalon Mists is great.  Every time a new issue comes out I'll get impaitent with the computer because sometimes it will take forever.  I love to read what the fans write about the characters and I really enjoy the drawings as well.

If I get the possition of editor for Avalon Mists and have to go into the hospital.  I'll hand over my position to a friend of mine who is just as big a fan of Gargoyles and Avalon Mists until I recover.