Writer's Challenge

A fitness program for your Muse and your mind

     Hello, and welcome to the debut of the Writer's Challenge! Every issue, we will be presenting you with a new topic or theme, and we will be including the results here! Since this is our first issue, we don't have anything yet, but to get the ball rolling, it's time to announce the Limerick Contest!

     The rules are simple: submit a (clean!!!) limerick having to do with Gargoyles. The show, the characters, fanfic, whatever. Every submission (provided they're clean!!!) will be published here on this page in the next issue. Our readers will then have a chance to vote for the winner.

     And what, you might be wondering, does the winner get? No cash prizes, sorry, but the winner will be awarded a deck of Gargoyles playing cards (provided he/she is willing to submit his/her address to the editor). And there's always the acclaim of the masses and the heady flush of victory, which also make for good prizes!

     All limericks should be submitted to vecna@eskimo.com by October 31st.

     For those of you up for an extra challenge, tackle the task of coming up with a limerick to go with the following opening line:

     "There once was a Child of Oberon ..."

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