A Party on Avalon

Explanation and Introduction by Christine Morgan

     Some time ago, I wrote a fanfiction called "Whirlwind," in which Beth Maza was visited by Coyote the Trickster. Here's a little bit of what went on:

Excerpt from "Whirlwind" (conversation between Beth and Coyote) --

"Right. Listen. There's a kicking party coming up on Avalon. Wanna go?" "What? Me? To Avalon?" "To Avalon. We're each to bring a mortal. It's sort of a contest." "Like the dog parties the frat boys hold?" she asked sourly. "I don't think so." "No, nothing like that!" He paused. "Well, maybe a little. But you'd be different. Some of my kin will trick or abduct their mortal guests. I've come to ask instead. To ask you." "Why me?" "In all the world, Mai, you are the one I would choose. I know your father and grandfather of old. I've felt your presence since you decided to come here instead of remaining in New York. You helped me against Xanatos when no one else would. You saw, and you believed." "That's not all, is it?" she asked, following her intuition. "Flattering as it is, of course." "It would boost my status to bring a mortal willingly and knowingly." "What else?" He scuffed his boot in the dust. "Okay, well, you're Elisa Maza's sister. She did a number on a bunch of my kin, and they'd hate being reminded of how a mortal got the better of them. That fat old talespinner Anansi, the Banshee ..." He winked. "Even Oberon himself!" "And since you're the Trickster, you take a perverse pleasure in needling them," she said. "That's right. Except I'm not _the_ trickster. Only _a_ trickster. My brother Raven handles things up northwest, and then there's Puck,and a host of others. There's always been a big market in playing mind games with you mortals." "Tell me again how I fit into this? How do I know this isn't one of your games?" "All I can give you is my word. Will that do?"

The Rest of the Story --

     I invited several fellow authors to take part in continuing this storyline. The premise was simple; a party on Avalon, and the Children of Oberon allowed to fetch mortals as guests. Each author was encouraged to import characters from his/her own fanfic universe.

     The party project continues to this day, and is still accepting gate-crashers. The next issue of Avalon Mists will showcase Christi Smith-Hayden's view of the party (as fans of her work -- and who isn't? -- will know, nobody parties like Christi!

     Interested in joining? Send your submissions to Christine at vecna@eskimo.com

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