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Advice for fans, friends, and rookery siblings by Lex Wyvern

Hi, hello, how are ya?  Nice to have Avalon Mists back, isn't it? 
Oh... wait a minute... I'm supposed to be ANSWERING questions and
you're supposed to be ASKING them.  At least, that's what the title
So, since there's been no one to ask any questions, this'll
just be me introducing the forum for now.  All right, here we go.  
You ask questions.  I answer them.  Within reason.  No personal questions
about me or any other writers.  None.  You can send them, but I won't
answer them.  
Questions can relate to anything else.  Your fanfic problems, your quest 
for the ultimate home page, your need for a new identity, anything.  Even 
questions about the other writers, tho I can't guarantee they'll answer.  
This is Ask LEX, after all.  But I'll give it my best.  
All I ask is that you ask anything that's on your mind, or we'll have more 
columns like this.  And I don't want that any more than you do.  Really.  
I'm now just randomly thinking of things to type, and that usually 
signifies that I should stop.  So that's all for now, and I hope to get 
LOTS of great questions from all of you. 
Lex Wyvern

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