Submission Guidelines

All art must be sized for clear viewing onscreen, and in .jpg or .gif format. If you are unclear about how to size your work, please refer to this tutorial, or contact the editors at

All written submissions must be legible, searched over for grammar, spelling, and formatting problems by their author before they are sent in. Finished works only, please. Submissions can be made by emailing us .doc or .txt documents, or by emailing us links to online .html files.

ALL submissions must be originals works, or works of parody citing their original source. The current co-editors are artists and writers; acts of plaigarism will not be tolerated. >: [ }

In addition, all submissions must be rated PG-13 or tamer; if you are an artist or writer of adult material, check out the contests and discussions at either Mooncat's Board or the Adult Monthly Gargoyles Art Contest for a more suitable venue. (Both have banners on our links page.) Eighteen years and older only at those sites, please.

What do we want?
We want YOU to send us your work!

Below is a list of things we are accepting as submissions for Avalon Mists. If you have any questions concerning an entry, please feel free to email us at

- Submissions or requests for the Featured Fanfic and Filk section. These can be stories from the archives that you particularily enjoy and think ought to have some time in the limelight, or a new piece of your own that you want on display. Avalon Mists will do its best to highlight at least a couple things per month from the archives, but new work is both welcome and, in fact, sought after. If you have a fanfic that is ready to make its debut, by all means, let us know.

- New art images of your own creation that you would like to share. Like the fanfic section, submissions of brand-new works are always appreciated. And we love comics, so if you do spiffy graphic humor, please share! (Please do not send Avalon Mists artwork that you have already submitted to the Monthly Gargoyles Art Contest.)

- "Cover" art for each issue. (Av Mists currently is planning to release issues in August, October, and December of 2007. The image should be 72dpi, 600 pixels wide by 800 pixels tall. It does not need "Avalon Mists" and the month you are submitting included as part of the art, but we encourage it.

- Essays or Articles that you have written pertaining to some aspect of Gargoyles or the Gargoyles fandom. Some examples: introspections on characters, how the show impacted your life, what the fandom means to you, or anything that would fit under the headings of Fandom or The Classroom. The Something Different section houses work that is not neccessarily related to Gargoyles but might otherwise hold interest in the fandom, such as book, game, or movie reviews.

- Suggestions for possible topics, such as aspects or sites of the fandom you feel there ought to be a review of, essays for the classroom, people to interview, writer's challenges, etc. What do you want to see in Avalon Mists?

- Links to articles on other websites about Gargoyles, new or old. We hope to compile a list of other zines and sites that have discussed Gargoyles or mentioned the show/comic in a relative article.

- Replies or corrections to already-existing articles; constructive criticism is fine, but flames will be used only to toast s'mores and then be smothered in accordance with local campire laws. In fact, the Forums will be set up so that each article has its own thread for feedback and discussion.


Submissions should be sent into with the topic they pertain to in the heading.

Avalon Mists and its maintainers retain the right to turn away any material deemed unfit or unsuitable for posting on the site, for any reason.


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