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Lexington Indepth
article by: Stephen R. Sobotka Jr.
issue date: 9/2/03
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Character Name : Lexington
Species: Gargoyle
Gender: Male
Parents: Unknown
Mate: Unknown*
Age: 36 (approx 18 gargoyle years)
Hatched: 958 AD
Height: 5'5"
Wingspan: 7 feet
Eyes: Black
Skin: Olive green with pale green wing membranes.
Weight (flesh): 180 pounds
Weight (stone): Quarter Ton*
Clan: Wyvern (994) / Manhattan (Present)
Clone: Brentwood
Voiced by: Thom Adcox Hernandez
First Appearance : "Awakenings" - Disney's Gargoyles (episode 001)
Last Appearance : "Angels of The Night" - Disney's The Goliath Chronicles
(episode 013)
Also Appeared: "Gargoyles" comic book series, by Marvel Comics
A series of one-shot Gargoyles comics by Disney Adventures.

Out of all of the characters featured in the show, aside from Goliath, Demona and Brooklyn, the one that has an amazing following and garners much speculation is the smallest of them. But, as diminuative as he is - next to even Goliath and Broadway - no other character shows more sheer curiosity and bravery per pound than our olive-green guardian, Lexington.

Though tiny, Lex has brains and a mind that works far above your average gargoyle. A born tinkerer, he was the one that seemed to adapt the quickest to using and interacting with 20th Century technology. At times, this has given him a "geek" or "brainiac" label. In all honesty, his curious nature is more of a "Why does this work?" rather than a "I know how it all works!" status. In this way, he has learned to build vehicles (Brooklyn's motorbike and the Attack Chopper), work small electronic devices, and even computers with some skill.

From his first appearance, Lex appears as a good-natured "little brother" to Brooklyn's "bad boy" and Broadway's "Nice fellow" characters. Being born of the same group of hatchlings in their generation back in 994, these three have formed a sub-group out of the main cast: "The Trio". As such, he often is looked on as a younger sibling, full of energy and questions, which the other two tolorate, and at times

But, don't let his lack of height and brawn fool you. Lexington has proven to be just as capable a warrior. His lithe form makes for a hard target to strike, and is also speedy enough to dodge most blows or enemy fire.

While being smart, Lex has shown to have a sense of naivete(?), where some aspects of the modern world are concerend. When he learned of the Pack - five humans that were part of an action-show on TV - he perceived them to be warriors who fought evil, just as his clan did. Hoping to make friends, he revealed himself to the Park, and then later had Goliath meet them. What he didn't know was that the Pack was made up of several mercenaries, who had been used to attack the gargoyles by order of Xanatos. Even though the Pack were all dealth with, Lex felt keenly betrayed by them, and still holds a grudge against most of the surviving members of the group (even though he has made some reconcilliation with Fox.) Lex's relationship with the Pack was also explored in the Gargoyles Marvel Comic.

Since the clan has returned to the castle, after the events of "Hunter's Moon", Lex has become a favorite of Alexander Fox Xanatos - the son of two of his former enemies, David Xanatos and Fox Reynard-Xanatos - and, for most purposes has become his friend and guardian. In doing so, he has managed to reconcile his grudge against Fox, and has helped to further strengthen the bonds between the Xanatos' family and his clan. At one point, he even willingly gave himself up to a group called The Quarrymen so that the clan and Alex's parents could save the boy from a crooked senator (who had been using an anti-gargoyle campaign to gain support from the voters and the Quarrymen.).

At one point, Lexington was partially helpful in a situation where the Cold Trio - three gargoyles formerly known as Othello, Desdemona and Iago - were battling for control over the magically-reanimated body of Coldstone (which was made up of pieces of the three original bodies of the trio, and modern-cybernetic parts). When a disguised Puck (as Goliath) convinced Broadway and Angela to be willing hosts for Othello and Desdemona's spirit, using magic provided by teaching a disguised Alexander (who was posing as Hudson), the spirit of Iago had posseesed Brooklyn. When Iago attacked Lex to keep him from interfering with his plan to get Desdemona back, Lex was possessed by Alexander, who then later used his magic to separate the trio from his friends, placing Othello back in Coldstone's body, and the other two in robotic bodies made for them. After the crisis was ended - with Iago, now Coldsteel, fled and the other two pursuing him - Alex released Lex, but the bond between them was strengthened because of the experience.

In one possible future, illustrated in Future Tense, Lex was shown to be the mastermind behind a plot to gain control of Xanatopia - the sovereign state that had been created when David Xanatos of the future seized the island of Manhattan as his own country. Lex had been converted into a cyborg, and had manupulated a group of Rebels - led by Brooklyn and his mate, Demona, and other suvivors of a war-torn future: Matt Bluestone, Claw, and a blinded Broadway. In the end, this future only appears to be a fantasy, induced by Puck, in order to get Goliath to give over the Phoenix Gate. It is still unclear as to weither this WILL happen.

Little Known Facts:
- In pre-production of Gargoyles Lexington's and Brooklyn's colours were originally switched.
- Also, Lexington's character design featured an extra set of fully functional arms.
- *Although the Gargoyles Skybox trading cards claim Lexington's weight is a Quarter Ton in stone, Greg Weisman has stated that stoneweight is closer to actual weight, and the Skybox cards are wrong.
- *Revealed at the 2003 Gathering, it would have been implied in future Gargoyles episodes that Lexington was gay.

The following are excerpts from the Greg Weisman's Gargoyles Bible and directly quoted from Aris Katsaris' website Lost Tales: Gargoyles


"These three rookery-brothers all hatched at about the same time, some 30 to 40 years before the 1000 year, which makes them each the mental, emotional and physical equivalent of a human male in his late teens. In the tenth century, they were young warriors. inseparable friends. Mischievous and occasionally obnoxious, but generally open and trustful of gargoyles and even humans. Being banished from the courtyard was the worst of punishments. And the world was a small, but wonderful place.
Then came the massacre, and all three have had to grow up fast. Lurking beneath the surface is a pain that none of them has truly faced yet.
Still, it seems they've lost little of their youthful enthusiasm. And the twentieth century has opened up a brave, new, gigantic world that none of them can wait to explore. They're adapting even faster than Goliath and in a hundred different ways. They're all especially enthralled with modern technology and rarely take the time to evaluate whether a specific item is a good thing or bad thing. It's all too cool. During a fight, in particular, they're likely to pick up and utilize whatever's at hand.
They all think Goliath is the best. But they also believe they're old enough to make most of their own decisions. And Elisa is definitely NOT a mother-figure to these three. if anything, she shares their impulsive nature. They're pals.
They love all modern food... except pizza. They hate pizza."


"Lexington (or Lex, for short) has the least edge of our cast. He's a bit naive and innocent, completely awed by all the cool stuff that the twentieth century has to offer. He's a tinkerer and semi-savant. He loves to tear things apart, and occasionally manages to put them together again. The simplest thing can hold his attention for hours; he's easily fascinated, also easily fooled. He's the most adaptive of all. The gargoyles. A follower, not a leader, but also a wanderer and "day"-dreamer. Still, in a time of crisis, he's a reliable gargoyle warrior. Not the physically strongest of the trio, but probably the most creative and acrobatic."

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