Featured Fanfic

There is a lot of gargoyles fanfic out there, and not all of it is hosted at the Gargoyles Fanfic Archive. But fan-written stories aren't hard to find, not when we've had the GFA as a central home for it for so long. There are a lot of works in the archive, and naturally few people have time to read them all; many just peruse the most recent submissions, or check at a recommended author. But some of the best stories are among the archive's earliest submissions, and there is no button to click that will pull those up; neither is there a setting that will show only the best-written works. The ratings system was removed when it was discovered some people had been tampering with it and the votes were no longer an accurate reflection of story quality.

So in an attempt to introduce you to good stories that you are less likely to have seen, we've scoured the archive for a list of Golden Oldies, fics and filks by great writers who may or may not still be around the fandom. And we'll be featuring them here, one per issue, alongside any submissions you send us.


First up is Acyn's "The Princess Gargoyle," which one might correctly surmise from the the tile is a parody of William Goldman's "The Princess Bride". Hudson takes the role of the grandfather, telling a gargoyles-version of the story to Graeme (Brooklyn's son from The Gargoyles Saga). Due to length, the story will open in a new window.


The Princess Gargoyle

by Acyn

Rated PG. Posted to the GFA on July 7, 2000.