Version 4, Issue # 01 Staff and Credits.

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Emambu - Co-editor, writer

Lynati - Co-editor, writer, screencapture gopher, website layout

The Sadistic Cow - Writer

Revel - Writer

D. Taina - Website coding

Siryn - Inspiration and direction


This month also featured the works of Amanda "Shinga" Bussell, Merlin Missy, Acyn, and Mara "Shinigami" Cordova.

Special thanks go to Nikki "Y2Hecate" Owens for graciously allowing us to interview her about the Gathering 2007, and to Ellen Stolfa and Alex Garg for feedback and support of the new Av Mists in its early stages.

Graphics and Image Sources: Gargoyles Season 1 & 2 DVDs, for Hecate's Interview: imagery from the Gathering 2007 website;;;; For the comic reviews: scans from the SLG Gargoyles comics #1 and #2 provided by D. Taina and Leo. For Cree Summer's "Where": Max Gibson -; Susie Carmichael -; Numbah Five -; Hecate -


The original Avalon Mists newsletter was created by Leva Mevis in 1996, with Jill Morrison acting as stand-in editor for two months that fall. It matured into its webzine form in February of 1997, which also happened to be Leva's last issue as editor. The Avalon Mists webzine was revived by Christine Morgan in the fall of '97, and was cultivated by her until the winter of 2001. Avalon Mists owes its existence to these ladies, as well as all the fans who took the time and effort to contribute. Thank you, one and all.

Archives of the previous issues of Avalon Mists may be found here.