Writer's Challenge

Audience Participation Time!

Avalon Mists evolved from a mailing list that was centered around Gargoyles fanfiction, and about 75% of the material that it presented were submissions to each issue's challenges to the readers. The webzine enfolded a wider range of content as the years went by, but even with the new sections direct participation by our readership remains the heart of this zine.

And since we here at Avalon Mists remain pretty big on the idea of "for the fans, BY the fans," and giving you what YOU want to see...our first challenge of verion 4.0 to all of you readers and writers out there is to send in suggestions for Writer's Challenges.

Pretty clever, hey?


We have a topic lined up for issue #2, but we're relying on your proposals for how we should challenge you in issue #3 and beyond. So help us ring in the new year Avalon Mists with a flood of emails showing us the fandom is as ready to challenge itself as it is to rise to a challenge!


The deadline is August 10, 2007. Please send submissions to avmists@gmail.com with "writer's challenge idea" in the title.